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Found 17 results

  1. Harap perbaiki dan beri peringkatšŸ™‚

    © Zakki

  2. Hi, Having read a series of books on stock photography, I came across the frequently expressed idea, that your best selling photograph is often one, you yourself, regarded as the plainest, or least expected to sell. This was certainly the case with my best selling photograph, on Shutterstock. I was very cynical about even trying to recycle food waste in a compostable food bag, let alone take and publish a photograph of it. After finally being persuaded by my wife to donate one of my compost bins to the cause, I almost took the photograph to prove the justified reasons for my reluctance
  3. Why there is not the possibility to choose the newest images from an contributor just the fake popular or what you call it now, must be a very basic and very interesting thing to see for a buyer what a specific creator has published lately...or I am wrong? At least the possibility...
  4. Beautiful close-up of pastel pink rose flower
  5. Sorin Mocuta


    © Mocuta Sorin

  6. Vlad Koshe

    IMG 3142

    From the album: Untitled Album

    © Koshe_Photography

  7. This photo captures the hustle and bustle of one of the many fresh markets around the incredible country, that is India. One of my rejected submissions.

    © Matthew Townsend

  8. Fresh lobster and brie sandwich on toasted sourdough bread with lime garnish

    © Scott Baker Photography

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