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Found 127 results

  1. https://ak.picdn.ne t/shutterstock/videos/30286051/preview/stock-footage-red-marker-map-pointer-sign-isolated-on-white-falls-and-rotate-geographical-and-gps-location-video.webm
  2. In a few months i will start uploading PRORES because it is a pain both storage and uploading speed. So, for now, i just want to know how do you export h264 actually to get the higest quality. For this example i have a original clip 4K UHD in h264 100mbps from a sony a6400 8 bit camera. So, my export settings in Premiere after do all edit process will be: check Render at maximum depth Profile: High (i have just discovered this parameter that seems important) Level: 5.1 Bitrate: VBR, 2 pass - target: 110 (here I like to add 10 mbps more than the original clip) - max: 110 check Use maximum render quality What do you thing? And how do you do it? Regards.
  3. The problem with FTP uploads: since May of this year all of the footages in the 4K quality ( 100 - 300 Mb of each) at the side of Shutterstock account come with an error "We can't read what's in your file. Please re-save or re-export your file, and try uploading it again." These have been several attempts with a total of over 100 files. (!) Same footage in HD quality uploaded successfully. * And from the Shutterstock technical support side, I get the impression, that I get answers from artificial intelligence but not from a real person, who can understand the essence of the problem.
  4. Is the quality of video produced by a phone like the Redmi Note 8T (48MP camera) or Redmi Note 8 Pro (64MP camera) likely to be acceptable for submission as stock footage? I have mirrorless kit I use for images and could put this on a gimbal and I think I would have a chance of capturing some acceptable 4k video. Putting a Redmi Note 8 on a much smaller and lighter gimbal would give me something that was a lot easier to carry, but I can't see that the quality would be anything like as good. It could be a complete non-starter for stock footage. An example of 2160p@30fps footage on a Redmi Note 8 Pro is available at https://youtu.be/nzDiM454jdw - is this acceptable? A phone and a pocket gimbal is something that I'd likely have with me very often (e.g. when out walking or cycling) and so give a lot more opportunities to get footage where I would not be able to carry a camera, tripod and a bulky gimbal. Does anyone have any thoughts on any of this? Many Thanks, Alan
  5. What is the most usable composition setting for an after effect motion graphic project as a footage here in shutterstock?
  6. Hi! Due the quarantine of the coronavirus, I've been working on my old footage clips to submit. Thing is, Shutterstock doesn't recognize the IPTC data on the files, when I upload them, the description and tags are blank, and I have to redo all the work. I'm uploading via FTP, but I've tried on the web uploader and it's the same problem... Anyone knows how to fix this? Cheers
  7. Hi All, I am fairly new to Shutterstock and I have been trying to upload footage to Shutterstock for some time, but I seem to encounter the same problem every time. I succeed, on a grand scale, by uploading the same clips repetitively until I stop it. Last night I had a queue of about 12 clips in FileZilla. The first two clips in the queue uploaded a total of 23 times and none of the rest uploaded at all. I cannot figure out why. I use FileZilla in the same way for other uploads with no problems. This is killing my available data (I can't get unlimited at the moment) and the only solution is to upload 1 clip at a time and stop it from repeating. That is obviously not feasible. I would really appreciate some help on this. Thanks, Johan
  8. Why is H265 not supported. We are in the 4k age now, yet you only support outdated codes like H264? This forces us to encode using prores, which increases bitrate by 400% (adding in bitrate that doesnt exist in the original clip) even on the lowest setting. This increasing file size by 4X, which increases upload time, wasting bandwidth, increasing download time for your reviewers, increasing review time. The benefits are clear but I dont see it on the list? http://www.shutterstock.com/contributorsupport/articles/kbat02/000006587 All because you don't have a tech team that follows the latest trend in technology? So here ill do it for them, even though it still wont make a difference as you guys hardly have the ability to reply to emails on a good day. http://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/h-265-hevc-encoding-explained/ http://www.cnet.com/news/what-is-hevc-high-efficiency-video-coding-h-265-and-4k-compression-explained/ http://www.divx.com/en/software/technologies/hevc The facts of not supporting one of the best compression formats currently available are clear. But again, you peopel hardly reply to emails, so even seeing H265 in the next 10 years will be a miracle in itself....
  9. When submitting footage, the hardest part seems to be keywording and metadata entry. Does anyone have a good workflow for simplifying and making this process less painful? Keyword generators (for ideas, not for copy & paste), metadata apps, file organization, etc? Currently I'm just kind of making it up/thinking it up as I go and not surprisingly, it's not very efficient at ALL.
  10. I keep hitting a 3600 second (1hr) timeout during upload, a main reason I'm considering ditching my current internet service provider for a fiber based (and, incredulously, cheaper) offering. Would anyone provide an average Mbps, especially if you have fiber internet? Straight off your FTP, please, rather than a Speedtest result - I'm curious about which side has the bottleneck. Thanks! Related: I live in Raleigh, NC, a point of the "Research Triangle" and we're pretty spoiled with web access. How are folks with slower connections submitting footage files?
  11. Hi everyone! I live in Peru and I’m working with a company that have eco lodges in the national reserve of tambopata, Madre de Dios. It’s a pristine undisturbed place to see a loooot of wildlife, And filming wildlife full time is my gol. So I’m thinking about stook footage as an income and doing what I love. I have a good relationship with the founder and owner of the lodges and we are evaluating a company option. He will finance equipment, flight tickets to tambopata, food, transport, lodging, permits, etc. In exchange I will put my time as camera man, editing the clips and upload them. So this is great as you can see, but he as the investor want to know how the money will eventually return (we both know this is a long term project). I’ve already made a cash flow but there is just one data missing to be more realistic. And that is: in one month, how many clips do you guys sell from the clips you have upload, and what was the income for that month? I could find in the web only the $income for the number of sold clips, but is missing the number of clips been uploaded in total and for that month. Knowing that number, I could estimate roughly the number of clips I need to make per month to see an income in the x year. Please notice this is for footage, not photos. I know this is a valuable information and I would really appreciate it since this is an exception opportunity for me, please can you guys give me a hand with this? Thanks in advance!
  12. I posted a video with lemming and was surprised to find that the video with lemming is not here. Although I got very modest shots. But I had to wait about an hour to photograph them. On other frames that I did not post, he only shows his head. Apparently lemming is a very careful animal. But I thought the drains already have everything. PS: And this animal is very beautiful, I saw him for the first time. He looks like a slender guinea pig, and his movements are beautiful.
  13. Hello guys Which fps is better to shoot videos? Will the fps will affect my sales ? how and why ?
  14. Is Shutterstock still the most cost-effective for photo and footage sales among other image stocks? Which stocks are between your leaders in sales figures?
  15. Hi, Has anyone contribute footage both in SS and iStock? Any earning gap? Thanks
  16. Hello friends, I shoot photos for about 20 years, i don't think I am a pro but I am somewhere about that more or less. BTW i am very new to videography. I shoot video by a dji spark drone and with hd DSLR - gimbal equipment. I just invested on a 4k mirrorless to make better quality footage. I guess my equipment is enough at least to start. I uploaded some footage but no sales yet. Are they too bad? Subjects too ordinary? What are your advices to make my footages to sell? Thanks in advance ...
  17. I have only recently started with videos. Admittedly without much idea. I don't have a "real" video camera, but I make the clips (except from the air) mostly with the Sony RX 100 VI. Which usually leads to rather dull results. That's why I edit the videos in a similar way to my stock photos. So correct exposure, adjust highlights and shadows and usually a little more vividness or saturation. Now videos are used differently by the customer than photos. I suspect that often different clips are put together. In such cases I think that the post-processing could be rather harmful and the customer prefers to do it himself. How do the videographers do this? What do you recommend? Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator
  18. Hi, I'm new to shutterstock! I've uploaded several video clips, but I can't seem to be able to change the titles after they were uploaded. Is there some way I can do it I haven't found yet? Can you do it after they are approved?
  19. Hallo everybody, could anyone answer me how it is possible to resolve a problem with a wrong link not referring to my footage portfolio but to a general one? I've asked for weeks to resolve this issue, for days and weeks, to a variety of contact and addresses here on SS, but I've received every time not more than a polite answer like 'We'll try to do our best to fix it'. Weeks go by. I do not know what to do more. Anyone could help me to understand how can I obtain a solution? I have a footage portfolio but no one can reach it...really sad. Thanks in advance everybody and all the best too, Massimiliano
  20. Hi Friends, I submitted footage through ftp but don't see it appearing and so I can't make it ready for review. It seems to be stuck in the ftp and not processing. Anybody else has this problem? Is there any another way to upload videos ? thanks
  21. Since over 24 hours, the Most Popular tab for video shows Crossroads portfolio on first pages, when using very common keywords like "man", "woman", "4k", "video", "technology", "computer" etc. For every search terms like these and others, Crossroads gets the first 20 - 25 results from several thousands or tens of thousands pages. How can this be?
  22. Hello, what's up with Shutterstock constantly changing prices of our footage? The price of 4K footage used to be $169, this summer it went up to $199, then a few weeks after it dropped down a little and now it's back to the original $169, HD is even lower than it used to be. Are there any announcements to this that I am missing? How can I keep track of these changes?
  23. I mainly contribute photo's but do have a few video clips (I think about 4). I have gone to catalogue manager, but I can no longer see my footage? I clicked footage, but it just advertised others. I am sure there used to be a tab for footage - I was going to put them in a set, but can't find them to do this. Any ideas how else I can search for them? Thanks
  24. I mainly come from the stock PHOTO side, but recently acquired a gopro hero6 and may look into adding extra clips purely for stock. Any advice for using the gopro/video for SS? For example.. - Should I shoot in 4K? I am not sure if the 4K is "good enough" but I imagine a resized 4K to 1080p also looks better than native 1080p? - Is high FPS (slow motion) content valuable? Is it even supported on SS? Appreciate any insights or advice you guys may have!
  25. Gets frustrating. I alone have made SS over a quarter million dollars on their share of sales (their 70%) yet rejections in last couple months are crazy. A couple weeks ago it was great and accurate, 99% approval. Before that 20-30% rejections for a couple months before and now this week back to 20-40% rejections on footage. Almost all are for noise, pixilization problems. All shot with Canon 1DX MK II and some from Canon 5D MK IV. Yet crap from cell phones and old GoPro are accepted by the thousands probably every day. So some hired help in Pakistan or India that reviews footage is a better judge of pixilization and noise than one of the first SS footage contributors shooting and contributing since 2005 with some of the absolute cleanest shooting cameras available. A real crappy new data entry page that has slowed down process by at least 300%. No full original file names viewable on edit screen or on all rejections. Now keywords like "swimming" is automatically deleted as not valid. If a simple wording fix is needed the footage is deleted and requires a full hour long upload when a 10 second edit would comply with editorial byline or whatever was needed. Please think about us as your suppliers of goods, make it easy for us to supply and figure out what you want. Years of good reviews and acceptance and since you started to contract it out it seems that they feel they need to have a large rejection rate to justify their work. Yes, anyone can go back and with pixel peeping can justify any rejection and could also go back and reject 90% of all approved footage on SS, millions of them. I've made tens of thousands of dollars on clips that were rejected here on one other site that accepted them. I'm loyal to SS but need a little loyalty back. I'm not a newby at this. Isn't there a point somewhere that we as submitters can be trusted? Do we have to make SS individually a half million dollars each before we have proven ourselves?
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