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Found 40 results

  1. Hey everyone. I'm new here and just trying to figure out this whole process. Mostly just downloading some old photos that I've taken throughout the years so I understand I may not sell them considering they weren't shot with stock photography in mind... I am running into a lot of problems just getting them to be accepted on Shutterstock though. Some of them I understand- things like camera dust I didn't notice until putting them into Affinity to fix. However, I am getting a lot being rejected due to focus issues, and I don't know if I just have bad eye sight or what, but I don't think they are out of focus? I uploaded one example below. Wondering what you all think/ if it would be something I could fix in Affinity Photo? Thanks for any help you could offer a newby!
  2. Hello! I am having a bit of trouble with one picture in particular. First time I sent it, I missed to put it as 'Editorial'; then, it obviously got rejected only because not having a Property Release. But now, second time, when I thought everything was fine, it got rejected once again, this time because of out of focus. I revised it very, very closely, but still couldn't find where the out of focus actually is. I am not complaining about the photo getting rejected, simply asking where should I look at. I am a bit new to this so maybe I still don't have a well trained eye. Would like to know where should I take a look for next time... or if it was just an error, and I should submit it again? Thank you so much. Photo is attached.
  3. I have a shot of big ben which is definitely in focus but SS rejected it due to the above. I have 2 landscapes below which they also rejected for the same reason. I also had a city scape & there very tiny people in it & they wanted a model release: for distant figures that could no way be identified. Also another photo rejected because of a name on the side of a boat which was very small. how can this river reflection schene be out of focus or big ben for that matter? Maybe my camera (which I've used for quite a few approved photos) isn't the best for landscapes. Could someone tell me what's going on in SS's minds? These were taken a number of years ago on a sumsung compact apart from the mirror reflections photo which was taken on a canon powershot this yr.
  4. I got a rejection for the attached photo as below. Focus: The main subject is out of focus or is not in focus due to camera shake, motion blur, overuse of noise reduction, or technical limitations of the equipment used (e.g. autofocus searching, camera sensor quality, etc). From my views, I think the main subject is the white paper umbrella with a peacock and it's in focus. However, it is true that if someone follows the perspective of umbrellas towards the tower, other umbrellas are out of focus. Hence, my questions are: Is it okay if I resubmit the photo because of the visual centre may be the white umbrella and it's in focus? If I got a second chance to shoot the same scene, is there any suggestion that I could make it in focus? (I was thinking about Focus Stacking or maybe narrow aperture) I was using 1/200s, 60mm, F6.3, ISO 100. Any constructive suggestions are welcomed. Many thanks in advance.
  5. Hello everyone, Finally, I found a platform with clear rules and a very simple process to post and sell my travel pictures! I am glad to join this community! Since I am new to this website and especially to the submission criteria for photos. Could you help me with this "film grain" criteria? What concretely it is referring to on this photo? I am 90% sure I haven't edited it so is it because of the difference between the foggy background and the strong colors of foreground? Thank you all! Have a nice day!
  6. Dear fellow photographers, my image has been rejected because they say it's out of focus... does it look out of focus to you? I used a tamron 90mm with VR off, a tripod and delayed exposure mode, so I'm no sure what is wrong here. Maybe because I used f/57 instead of something like f/22? Please help! (click on the image)
  7. Hello there, I sent first 10 pictures, 4 commercials and 6 editorials. It is mix from Canon 7d, iphone 5 and Samsung 8. I use Lightroom for getting details back, boosting colors and reducing noise. I have got 4 commercials rejected because of focus, noise/grain. Still I am waiting for editorial ones. I am wondering: 1. Why commercial pictures have been checked first, is it always divided the checking up between commercial and editorials? 2. Because commercial pictures are going to be used for more "picky" clients (high resolutions posters, flyers etc) than editorial (mostly newspapers, blogs or websites) are harder to be approved? Is it a good way start to upload a picture as a commercial and if is rejected, upload as a editorial and have higher chances to be approved? I read this opinion somewhere, is it right? 3. Is it worthy to fix it up a rejected picture, or is it waste of time? I read some people upload them again and again even without any changes and they have been approved (sometimes even with a 4th attempt). Is it depends of the person who checked this up? Also I can try to fix it up, like with noise (again), focus or to use more tricky movements like cut the part of focus or resize it and make it smaller. If I can ask do you have a lot of rejections? Do you upload them again as they were or work on them again? Do you have any methods for them for fix it up? When do you upload rejected pictures? Straight away? Or is it better to wait and how long? The last question is, right now I want to be approved as a contributor. That's why is sent 10 first pictures. Is it harder to get in and after all uploads are going easier? I mean after approval rejections ale will be not so often? How many pictures I have to get to be approved, just one? I am sorry for maybe silly questions, but I am new here I and am trying to understand it.
  8. seems like recently I have had most every thing rejected. I by no means claim that all are perfect but do enlarge on a 32" Hd tv to make sure before submitting I have a 2020 computer and up to date Photo editors. My cameras are older but have been well taken care of. I follow all rules tag and put in proper categories to be fair I submitted one took with my Samsung j3 $129 phone it was accepted so I checked cameras all the lenses all is good. took pictures same spot same setting and was accepted. Is Shutterstock trying to run off the people like my self that only submit a couple times a month.
  9. I understand the need to be very particular to enable high standards, but over the last few months, I am seeing rejections being done very randomly, at times they are completely unjustified. After a first few rejections, one gets more careful and even then a few mistakes do take place, however "main subject not in focus" is quite a randomly used term at Shutterstock. It is as if there is no space to use shallow depth at all? Camera shake seems to be another term thrown randomly. Believe me, I want to improve and make better pictures, but at times its just one person reviewing pictures who appears to be tired, irritated or just randomly selecting stuff to reject. Here are a few screenshots of some pictures I cannot figure what went wrong?
  10. I am getting from time to time rejected items with explanation: Focus: The main subject of this image is not in focus. Great, sometimes you can say that subject is not sharp as it can or should be. However, most of the time I can not accept reason because image is sharp enough almost from corner to corer and sharper then other images which are accepted. I believe moderators does not have same criteria or at least my files does not have same criteria all the time. Take a look at file below which is most recent rejected because lack of focus. Same files are accepted elsewhere, and most important: I see at 100% view that images are sharp, more then enough sharp to be accepted on stock site.
  11. hi when i upload my image say = "The main subject of this image is not in focus" 😐 why?
  12. Hello. I have recently tried to upload images to shutterstock but all of them didn't pass the review part. now some had valid reason but most of them didn't pass because thy are "out of focus". so i went and checked the photos and on my pc they were sharp and in focus, but when i checked the photos in shutterstock thy were blurry. so i tried uploading them again and the same thing happened. the original photos are clear and in focus, but on shutterstock they appear blurry and slightly out of focus. can someone please tell me what is happening. thank you for your time.
  13. I have a rejection reason that I do not understand. Here is the thing, my last upload was a bunch of landscapes, mostly shot at f13 or f16, shutter sped around 100/1 and iso 100. Some of them are stitched panoramas. So I checked sharpness (focus) at 100% zoom, removed noise (a small amount of noise reduction), but my photos got rejected for focus and noise/grain. Any solutions?
  14. Hello I am new to shutterstock contributors. I have recently uploaded some images which were too large. So I compressed them slightly to be the right size for upload. Looking at the image and zooming in, the image is fine. But, when uploaded they get rejected and for out of focus, when I click on the images they are awful. Is there a particular export setting in photoshop to counter this? Many thanks
  15. I am new to Shutterstock and misunderstood at first the difference between uploading as editorial and commercial. I started with all editorial and had few rejections. The last batch uploaded as commercial had about half the images rejected, most for "subject not in focus," but I am not really understanding. Is the threshold you must meet in commercial so much higher. I had one dog peaking through a fence shot accepted and a squirrel eating a pumpkin not. The eye was sharp in both cases, but the dog photo head and fence he was peaking through were more on the same plane so that the depth of field was more uniform. Is that what they are looking for? It was rather discouraging to not really understand why one was accepted and the other not. Any ideas?
  16. NOTE: I'm still fairly new to Shutterstock and stock photography in general. Yesterday, I uploaded and submitted 24 images consisting of various buildings at the University of Waterloo as editorials. Most of them have been rejected for the same reason, which is how the subject of the image is not in focus. From reading through the guidelines of photos, I am pondering about fixing this in two ways: Crop the image to get rid of unwanted content, although that results in making the image be smaller and not be as big as people would prefer. Change the description to a more consistent one. This is an example I have: a view of Engineering 5 and 7 (two buildings joined together with a central hallway down the middle). Description: Engineering 5 and 7 at night from the north end with a pedestrian bridge connecting to Engineering 3. Shot at the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, on May 25, 2019. Keywords: architecturebluebuildingcanadacivileditorialengineeringexteriorgaragehangarlandmarkmechanicalmodernontariooutdoorpost secondaryschoolingskytechnologyuniversityurbanviewwaterloo What I wound need to do is remove a lot of the sky that makes up the top margin, and remove the bottom to where the parking spot touches on the image. Still, I'm wondering if there's something else that may be causing this to fail validation.
  17. Hello everyone: I started here some days ago and I love photography. I don't have previous experience. It's just my hobby and my camera is just my phone camera (I even don't know if it's possible to have success in shutterstock with pictures taken from phone XD) Well, I got rejected this picture because "The main subject of this image is not in focus." First of all, the main subject would be the lake... right? And second...is there a way to fix this with Gimp, Photoshop, etc...? Or I just need a better camera and there's no other way? Thanks in advance.
  18. Hi, everyone, can anyone tell me why this rejected in editorial , reason is "The main subject of this image is not in focus". And how can I edit with Photoshop to get it approved?? Any tips?? I think the water before the boat is need to be blurred ??
  19. Hello there, My name is Antonio and I am from Romania. I opened this topic because I need some help for my work art. Well, I am here from 1 of September and i never sold any photo. Can you help me with advises, critique or something? I need to know whether to stop or to go ahead. Thank you, and good luck!
  20. SS does accept out of focus images! Show your favourite, here's mine:
  21. I am new to Shutterstock and have started uploading a variety of photos. Several have been rejected because 'main subject is out of focus'. In one there were two subjects, one in the foreground in focus, one in the background out of focus. This was deliberate. In two other cases I could not see any problem with the focus on the subject of those photos, so the reason for rejection seems rather random and inexplicable. How common is this? Is the use of a number in the title of a photo another reason for automatic rejection?
  22. This was rejected for: The main subject of this image is not in focus. Could someone describe where you see that to be at issue? Ready to be embarrassed here... Although I am literally due for an eye exam.

    © Brian Kapp

  23. Hi all . I see so many topics asking for cameras, best cameras and more cameras. No one talk about lenses. So i decide to open this topic for people who identified themselves as being more old school photographers . Lets talk about lenses,vintage manual focus glass. We live in a digital world were technology is leading and solving many photography issues but i still love to shoot with manual focus lens. It give the felling of control my image, the lack of autofocus is , to me, one problem less, one less thing to think. The limitation of fixed prime lens let me think more in get the best composition with my focal distance , i love that concept. People are so stuck to auto focus ...... - So let me ask the community . How do you feel about shooting with a manual focus lens ? Please, show your exciting image/s doing with manual focus lens : One my favorites, the woman with plants and coffee was made with my Micro-Nikko 55mm f2,8 a $100 lens that i bought used and i love that glass. The weeding shoot was is from a Samyang 8mm fisheye , is not very sharp but produce real good images at f8 . PS: Even you don´t have any image made with a manual focus lens , feel free to comment and talk about this concept ( autofocus vs manual focus ) , ( Modern vs vintage glass on DSlr sensors ) experiences you have made, don´t matter. This is a post direct to old school vs modern photography lenses .
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