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Found 14 results

  1. Hi, I'm really new to this and appreciate your suggestions and criticisms. I want to learn. I'm worried about noise, the colors, cropping... Thank you in advance! Kim

    © Kimberly Boyles

  2. Hi, I'm very new to this and would appreciate honest criticisms and suggestions. I'm concerned about noise and everything else, really. Thank you in advance! Kim

    © Kimberly Boyles

  3. https://www.pdnonline.com/gear/tsa-rules-photographers-electronics-carryon/ So glad hubby and I finalized our TSA pre-check applications last weekend!
  4. this photo was taken from Satchari National forest, Habiganj, Bangladesh. The name of bird is Chestnut-tailed Starling. It was drinking honey from the flowers.

    © tarik hasan

  5. Metallic blue helicopter in flight against a blue sky with cloud. Motion blur on rotors (Day, Exterior, Full)
  6. Herring gull in flight against a blue sky. (Day, Exterior, Full)

    © Derek Hunter

  7. Derek Hunter


    From the album: Re-worked Images

    Metallic blue helicopter in flight against a blue sky with cloud. Motion blur on rotors (Day, Exterior, Full)

    © Derek Hunter

  8. Derek Hunter


    From the album: Re-worked Images

    Rook in flight with twig in beak against a blue sky (Day, Exterior, Wide)

    © Derek Hunter

  9. Irina Esakova

    Flying cats

    From the album: Cats and cats' life

    © © Esakova Irina, 2016

  10. I wanted to make them like color afterimage on TV screen

    © Serena Kim

  11. From the album: Chadventures Photos

    two birds in a symbolic mating ritual

    © Chad Ames

  12. Well guys, I have not done this in a long time, (well a few years), but I am going flying tomorrow, renting a Cessna 172, got my buddy Matz who is a CFI flying with me to check me out and make sure I have not forgotten too much. Then I will get my medical exam taken care of, which will then allow me to fly on my own, or after 3 take off's and landings, take a passenger. I am thinking that if Sheila has the stomach for it, we will go get some images of the Wind turbines and some housing developments, maybe the Butte fire or whatever else I can think of from the air to increase our portfolios in those regards. What do you say Sheila, are you game for a little adventure? I know that my buddy Mike Ledray is going to be so jealous, since you know he is game for any adventure. If Sheila isn't up to it, I will be happy to take anyone else who is interested, once I am current (in about a month), The advantage of the Cessna 172 over a low wing aircraft is that they are easier to shoot from than say a Piper Warrior or Arrow, which are low wing aircraft and require steeper angles to get shots of stuff on the ground. I must admit though I do prefer flying the pipers simply because they require steeper angles when doing turns to get images. Up, up and away!
  13. http://www.vimeo.com/nma.world We have beautiful shots, these are just a few.
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