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Found 12 results

  1. casernaa

    My fish

    Hi everyone, I am a beginner in the photography world. I am using an entry-level DSLR (Nikon D3500) I would like to know your opinions about my pic. Info: Lens: 18-55mm, SPD:1/80, AP: F5.6. Thank you!
  2. Hello , Is there any app to identify different types of fishes , like we have plantsnap app to identify flower names? Thanks in advance
  3. What do You think about this work, I spent many hours finishing it but i have low sell. Tell me what You think. U can visit my portfolio to see the rest of numbers: http://www.shutterstock.com/g/fstockluk?rid=1119995

    © fstockluk

  4. Hi all! I hoped you guys in the forum would be kind enough to give me some feedback before I submit vector illustrations for the first time. I've read a few helpful blogs which gave tips about closing paths, ditching transparency, and deleting unused layers etc. Are there any other comments you could give me so I'm more likely to be accepted? In particular - would you suggest I remove the background colours? What would you advise about designs with objects going off the edge? Thank you! Grace
  5. Baurz1973


    Vector illustration of diver walking underwater
  6. Экзотические синий полосатый рыбы. Для создания я использовал акварель
  7. Hi, 4 videos taken while diving were rejected due to <Unstable footage / camera movement. Please use a tripod for all footage.>. But I do not know the way of using a tripod or fixing my body during scuba diving. As I was forced to move by a current, fish also were forced to move, but not in parallel due to the difference of mass and shape. It is natural laws.
  8. From the album: Cats and cats' life

    © © Esakova Irina, 2016

  9. © © Esakova Irina, 2016

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