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Found 4 results

  1. Authentic food is comfort food - smoked white fish of Lapland in Finland
  2. Hello everyone! New here I was accepted as a private contributor but I wanted to register as a business. So I'm in the process of converting my account to a business account but I'm having troubles figuring out the type of Entity I represent in US law. I thought I should ask if others in Europe have already figured these things out. My business is an European sole proprietorship (Finnish to be exact). So I went to the Tax Center in my account and made the following selections: "Your tax profile: For U.S. tax purposes, are you a U.S. person?*: No Are you contributing to Shutterstock as an individual or as a business?: Business Are you representing a Partnership, a Disregarded Entity, a Flow-Through Entity, an Intermediary, a Trust or an Estate?: No" After making those selections the form W-8BEN-E was suggested to me. But there seems to be no Chapter 3 Entity type for a sole proprietorship in the form. So I started to wonder if I'm a Disregarded Entity after all and made the wrong selections in the Tax Center. Is there anyone who has been in a similar situation and has figured out the right form to fill? And if the W-8BEN-E is the right one, do you have any advice for filling it considering my situation? For example: what is the correct Chapter 3 Entity for a sole proprietorship and what is the correct Chapter 4 status? And do I need to get a US TIN or is a foreign TIN enough? And is there any Tax Treaty Benefits in this situation (Part III of the form)? Thank you in advance, David
  3. MandiK16

    Levi 1

    Lamp post on a snowy street in Levi, Finnish Lapland

    © Mandi Keighran

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