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Found 6 results

  1. While i'm waiting for the answer from SS contributors support I was wondering what are other contributors experience about this problem. I shoot mostly 4K footage and I noticed if someone choose HD filter in search my clips won't show up, even do shutterstock sell them all in HD (and sd) resolution also. I think this is ridiculous, because purchasing HD is available for 4K clips also, they should be visible in search also. Since there's really low demand on 4K clips and they are invisible in search with HD filter, is it best option to upload all the footage in HD resolution also, does anybody did that?
  2. Hello everyone, a few days ago I have submitted an image of mountain with oil painting filter on to all major players and they all rejected it. SS wrote: Post-Production Technique -- Image contains quality issues due to cloning, isolation, or other post-production techniques. Adobe rejected it because: non compliant content...etc. Question: How am I suppose to submit an image to SS with artistic filter on it? I never done that before. Thanks a lot.
  3. Library filter and collections. All comments welcome. Many thanks
  4. On Shutter some ugly algorithm for issuing the search results, gives some shit, hundreds of similars, they can not be sorted out, filters and switches are ineffective, there were some normal pictures somewhere, but it's not really possible to get to them. To me, as the buyer would be disgusted in this shit digging, I would go register on another site with normal search and content.
  5. Portfolio filter "most recent" and "popular" give wrong results - all mixed up!
  6. There appears to be a long term problem with footage search filters. If a customer uses the filter to select HD videos, it filters out all 4K videos, in spite of the fact, that all 4K videos have an HD version available for sale. It is counter-intuitive and certainly has negative impact on sales of 4K producers. Are there any plans to address this issue? Thank you for your answer, Tomas
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