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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, How do I upload my CSV batch file? I'm new here, uploaded 250 photos and searching where to submit my CSV batch file. It takes a long time to make the CSV file, so I don't want to copy paste to each one as possible. Can anybody give instruction and if possible with screenshots? Thanks!
  2. I'm trying to learn why so many of my files are rejected for incorrect reasons. Shutterstock, as many of us have discovered, is of no help at all. Here's what I've figured out. I just resubmitted seven 3d illustrations that had been rejected for title/keyword issues (twice). I did the uploads, made sure the title/keyword problems stated on the rejection had been fixed (again), set the other file variables until I got the blue/white check-mark icon on each one. After each edit I Saved the changes. There I was, with all seven files, blue-checked and ready to submit. I selected all the files and did a batch Save, just to be sure. Then I reloaded the page, and when it came up again half the files had changed from "blue check" status to the orange "not okay" icon. The problem was that the Save command had not saved my edits to the keywords. If the algorithm failed to recognize one of my keywords, I got the usual "wrong spelling" alert. Occasionally I had typos that I fixed, but some of those flagged keywords were just unknown to the system and were not spelled wrong. I would override these "spelling errors". It was the overrides the Save command was not accepting. The batch Save/Reload rejected all the keyword overrides I had submitted and saved. I just re-submitted all the files again, this time after all of them had been Saved individually after achieving a blue check. I selected all seven and submitted without the batch Save and without reloading the page. All seven have now moved to the Pending folder. However, I'm still expecting rejections of the files that have over-ridden keyword flags. We'll see in a day or two.
  3. Hi everyone For years I have been trying to resize eps files to have less than 15MB, around every fifth file I am unalble to upload because I can't get it to have less than 15MB... I tried everything... Does this only bother me? Could it be possible to raise the limit to at least 20MB?
  4. Hi, When submitting image or footage files is it okay if the file names are in all upper case instead of lower case? For example, instead of naming a file, 2018-5-2-809-fun-beach-people-sunny-day.jpg, is it okay to submit it in all upper case like the following?, 2018-5-2-809-FUN-BEACH-PEOPLE-SUNNY-DAY.JPG I am just asking about file names only, not title, description or keywords Thanks
  5. Hello everyone! I'm currently trying to submit some new footage that I believe is perfect for stock sales. The content has a crisp, clear image, and is in 4K quality. However, when I try to upload the clip, it gets rejected for "Noise / Artifacts / Pixelation -- Clip contains excessive noise, compression artifacts, and pixelation " . But like I said, on my end the video is perfectly clear and crisp. There's no detectable noise, artifacts, or pixelation in the video, which leads me to believe that somehow my videos are getting compressed in a strange way when I upload the file. So what precautions can I take when rendering out the video file, and uploading the content? Currently I'm splicing the clips in premiere pro, and I render the clips in H.264 mp4 (matching the native quality and fps as the original clip), and then I use FileZilla for ftp upload. Is there a better format to be rendering my clips in to avoid strange compression post upload? I seriously have no clue as to why my clips would appear noisy or distorted post upload. Thanks for the help!
  6. Salve! Riguardo al caricamento dei metadati delle singole foto, vorrei chiedere: Se li scrivo direttamente sul file JPEG tramite Photoshop o un altro programma adatto a questa funzione di caricamento, posso evitare di scriverli nuovamente su Shutterstock nella fase di caricamento delle singole foto? Se è possibile, li riconosce automaticamente o debbo usare degli accorgimenti? Grazie.
  7. Salve. Ho visto che tutte le voto caricate sono presenti nel catalogo Master. In questo catalogo sono illustrate seguendo la regola della data di approvazione. Vorrei chiedere se è possibile spostarle manualmente, così che ad esempio, all'interno del solo catalogo Manager, si possano raggruppare per genere di soggetti fotografati. Questo eventuale riordinamento renderebbe meno caotica la visione delle foto, specialmente a favore di quei potenziali clienti, interessati a valutare anche solo alcune pagine del nostro archivio unificato. Riguardo alla creazione dei singoli Set, oltre al vantaggio organizzativo che ci permettono, suppongo che rendano anche molto più visibili ai potenziali clienti le foto in essi inserite. È giusta questa questa mia supposizione sulla maggiore visibilità dei Set? Grazie anticipate.
  8. Buongiorno, vorrei chiedere se, ed eventualmente come, i singoli contributori possono cancellare dall'archivio di Shutterstock, quei loro file fotografici i quali, dopo diversi mesi che sono stati pubblicati non hanno ancora realizzato vendite. Questa pulizia potrebbe migliorare il prestigio dell'archivio personale di ogni singolo contributore.
  9. Joined shutterstock a month. So far, I felt good experience for uploading files, performance checking, download history management. Nice service!!!
  10. Hi All, I use Photoshop CC 2017's file info for metadata inputs very often. I have a very annoying problem: apostrophes in metadata description (and title) became strange characters after uploading. Here are two screenshots about it. 1. In the PS, the apostrophe is OK. The next is from shutterstock.com after upload in the batch editing window. The apostrophe changed to an ugly character. What should I do? Please help because it's a serious problem, e.g. I can't use possessive in sentences. (I use non-english Photoshop CC 2017 in Hungarian language) Thank you for helping me! Andras ps: I asked it on adobe forums also but I was redirected here with the problem. https://forums.adobe.com/message/9513900#9513900
  11. Ok, why and what's going on. Why don't ya'll give us the original file names when ya reject footage because of minor problems like a model release? Your web site says files will be deleted after 7 days yet they are really deleted from the system immediately. Don't ya'll realize that a 4k video take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours to upload plus the time to add data. It is very expensive for us to contribute. So when footage is rejected because you don't want a model release and instead you want it to be editorial it's rejected and it's really impossible to figure out which clips they really are without the original file names. It is very frustrating and expensive for submitters. We were promised at NAB last Spring in Las Vegas that we would be given file names. Where are they? So I added a model release, also added the required editorial type byline and they were rejected because editorial footage should not have a model release attached. Why not, it's just a little added protection and takes nothing away from the data. Oh well, they will sell for many times higher prices elsewhere. Now I'm off the soap box and the world is a happy place
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