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Found 19 results

  1. Waxachie-May5,2019 photo was taken waxachie park tall green v shaped tree
  2. From the album: My Landscapes

    Cotton field waiting for picking..

    © CR Photography

  3. Hey there everyone I want to ask you to share your experience about : * Working on multi fields of work, for example, doing photography, drawing illustrations, creating resources and much more and using every skills to make better stocks * Or, keeping in one of field of works, which most of people know you with that and you doing that best... Which worked for you?, is there any other talents that you want to achieve to make yourself a better stock-designer?
  4. Pink flowers in bloom during spring, somewhat backlit by the setting sun.

    © 2016 Mark Sandell

  5. Lina Ahren


    From the album: Nature

  6. From the album: Nature

    Green wheat ears on a background of light blue sky .

    © Kostsova Maryna

  7. Same as earlier version but flipped horizontally and with some dodging added to the house.

    © © Xavier Ascanio

  8. I know Shutterstock generally does not like shots with sunbursts or shooting into the sun but they do accept some. I would appreiciate all critiques, ideas, suggestions, etc. for improving this image. Thank you in advance for taking time to look and comment.

    © © Xavier Ascanio

  9. Filled bulker trailer full to the brim with Maris piper potatoes ready to be transported back to the farm to be sorted and bagged.
  10. From the album: Photos

    © AnatoliyK

  11. Any suggestions to improve focus on this image to get it accepted? It was shot with a tripod. Foreground shot at 1/60, f/9, 35mm, ISO 100. Sky piece shot at 1/20, f/8, 18 mm, ISO 100. The parts collaged together in Photoshop. Raw image was "clarified" to about 75 in Raw Image Editor. I reduced final image 50 percent after edits before submitting it. Should I isolate the tree and sharpen it in Unsharp Mask?
  12. A roughly made stone wall bounding a grassy field.

    © Mark Godden.

  13. From the album: Andi's Album

    Picture from the Black Forest Region of Germany. I like looking for lines in those pictures
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