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Found 9 results

  1. I suggest a new feature to shutterstock. They should permit all contributors to download their own images for free anytime. Is it possible? I think it will really helpful for us.
  2. Could you make it possible to purchase assets from Shutterstock using my sales (unpaid earnings) directly? If I don't need to use my credit card to buy items from Shutterstock and if I can just use my earnings to pay the amount, my mental obstacle would be much much lower and I will buy much more assets for sure. If you could add this feature, Shutterstock will definitely be my first choice to search for the assets I need for my projects.
  3. Hello everybody, i am updating this map since i started contributing here. I guess if there would be a way to implement this into the Shutterstock contributor experience many of the contributors would love to see this. I find it very pleasing to see where in the world my photos have been bought. Cheers Martin
  4. Recently I've discovered that over at the IS contributors have one great option: two levels of access. There are two passwords for the same account. One password provides access to is the "normal" stuff, ie to everything a contributor can do, including settings, personal information, finances, submitting, etc. Other password provides just a low-level access, which enables user just to submit photos/videos, without any kind of access to other "crucial" info/options. This is GREAT solution for contributors who are, in fact, teams. My question here is: does ShutterStock have anything like this? If yes - how to access it? If no - will there be something like this in (hopefully near) future? @Alex Shutterstock, @Kate Shutterstock?
  5. I don't know if somebody from SS staff will bother to read this, but I thought I should try anyways: Currently we can only see total number of images and clips combined, on our author dashboard page. Besides that, in Catalog manager there is total number of images. But there is no actual number of clips in video portfolio. Yes, I am aware that there is a clip counter on a video portfolio page, but it is not always up-to-date, due to slow(er) indexing of clips. And besides, it is PITA to visit numerous separate pages to check those stats. So I come to the point: is there any chance we can get to see those two numbers somewhere on the main "Contributors" page? Right now it says "XYZ active clips and images" but it could easily say something like "XY active clips and YZ active images; XYZ total". Hm?
  6. When a certain photo is opened, which contains released model, on that photo's page other photos with the same model are displayed beneath. And there's a link to a page with all photos with the same model. However, on a footage page that link is non-existent. Is there any valid reason for this. And if not, will we see this feature any time soon?
  7. Hi, Would you please create the search feature in Image Gallery Stats page? Really annoying to find some certain image for keywords analyzing, especially if there are more than 1000 images. But what if there are 100 000 images? I believe this is must have feature. Thanx.
  8. Hi there, I thought of something which might (or might not) be a good idea to implement on/by ShutterStock. I don't know whether I should bother mentioning it, because in my experience - the larger the company, the less they listen to "the people"; but I decided I should at least open a discussion here What crossed my mind is that there are often photo sessions which result in both stills and footage which are uploaded to authors' portfolios. What do you think, could/should there be a feature that "matches" uploaded stills and footage (of the same author) and shows recommendations on item's page (like there is "Same model" feature right now)? So, if potential buyer is looking at a footage clip page, there could be a set of "Images from the same shoot", and vice versa - if photo page is being looked at, there could be a set of "Footage from the same shoot". We all read about the technology ShutterStock develops to match images by similarity, so I guess it shouldn't be too hard to implement it to compare photos from author's portfolio with thumbnail-frames taken from the footage, eh?
  9. Sorry if I post this in a wrong place, I didn't saw where to put feature request. When you comes in the "Earnings by Date" page, there are pictures list so you can know what the customer downloaded. But it's hard to know "which one is the customer just downloaded". Can a feature be added that we can sort each download by time? And it's also better if there will be some details attached to each download about where they were downloaded and the time the download happened on that area.
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