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Found 12 results

  1. Recently Ive been in a fashion show in Detroit and a took around 1000 pictures of models walking on runway but I dont know if i can sell them as editorial pictures ? Am I allowed to sell them here ?
  2. Hello everyone! I have recently taken some outfit photos of a fashion blogger for her blog, and out of pure curiosity I have decided to upload some of them here, on shutterstock.. I am wondering, what are you experiences with these kinds of photos? Do you think they might sell? For example: http://image.shutterstock.com/z/stock-photo-detail-of-a-fashionable-woman-wearing-an-olive-bomber-jacket-golden-watch-and-a-brown-trendy-494783368.jpg
  3. keep on practicing

    © Serena Kim

  4. Here is my new work

    © Serena Kim

  5. I'm drawing some animals these days.

    © Serena Kim

  6. It's time to go to the beach !

    © Serena Kim

  7. I made a geometry pattern by triangle. I considered good color combinations I have more color options but this is my favorite color combination !!

    © Serena Kim

  8. This is my first selling pattern!! I'm so excited !!

    © Serena Kim

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