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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, My image has been rejected twice for overexposed/underexposed reasons. At first I thought it was underexposed because I could easily add couple of stops of exposure in Lightroom. However, after I re-uploaded the "corrected" photo, I again got rejected for the same reason. I am the first person to criticize my own work, so I always try not to complain. However, this is getting really ridiculous. (second photo is approximate version of original upload)
  2. Yesterday night I uploaded 5 photos taken during my last ski trip, all snow photos taken in a sunny day but with the perfect histogram for exposure, 4 of them were rejected, I increased a bit the highlight so that the snow can show more details and forms or sometimes the shadows if the sky is too dark, but it's nowhere as ''extremely underexposed or overexposed.'' which is a total abusive rejection excuse. I showed my photos to expert and very critic people who loved them and none of them told me there is an extreme exposure problem. Also it's very hard to get a perfect exposure with a sunny day with snow, if the reviewer doesn't know that it's because he never shot a photo in this situation. It's not easy for me to upload +10mb per photo from my internet connection so I hope there is a way that another reviewer can take a look. Batch ID: 232386553 232384984 232384219 232383880
  3. Friends, This was rejected for Image is extremely underexposed or overexposed. This watch is hanging in front of a draped white cloth. Well, I got exposure and/or white balance wrong (I have other versions with various exposures). But, I thought the result was cool anyway (you may not agree...), sort of ethereal . Whether you like the shot's idea or not, for me to learn more about submitting: is it possible for something like this to be acceptable? Submit as illustration maybe? If so, provide it as an .eps also? Thanks ahead of time!
  4. Hi Everyone! I read through some posts about lack of sales and decreasing income.....some of us are really sad and demotivated. I'm considerably new on SS and only sold $12....so I'm no expert here! BUT. I love Pinterest and I think it has potential in promoting artwork. A while back when I was blogging, my best infographic went viral. It was repinned 10K+ in just 4 months!!! The reach of that is just huge. And all I did was: pin it in some groups. Simple. SO. I made a group board: Best of Shutterstock coz I think it could really work with stock images too. But for it to work I need you guys. The more the merrier! If you have a Pinterest account or you gonna make one: You are welcome to join! I believe we can help each other. Just follow my Best of Shutterstock board and I will send you an invitation to be a contributor! (I'm no affiliate of Pinterest nor get paid to promote it....it's just an honest idea based on my own experience!) Wish you all the best!
  5. Have sold 5 images so far but says my visibility is only 5%. Any suggestions on how to improve that? Probably more and better tag words. Anything else?
  6. Hello! Just rejected photos for no understandable reason. With the exposure everything is fine in the photos, I do not understand why I received a refusal. Preview sample reject photo: Prior to this, identical processing of the photos accepted: What happens recently and who checks the photos? Before that, I received a rejection for these photos because of "No model release," although I attached it! Even before that, the refusal was received because of "Similar Photos" although I did not uploaded anything like that. Administrators, please help, has no desire to endure such treatment. Please check: Batch ID: 152254057, 152254084 Thank you!
  7. I have had quite a few perfectly good images rejected on exposure grounds for no good reason. It mostly seems totally illogical. Anyone else had the same problem?
  8. Hello everyone, I'm just getting started in stock footage and am looking for advice from the veterans on how to gain exposure. So far, I only have 45 videos up for sale and I realize I need to have hundreds, if not thousands, to see real results. Still, I'm hoping there are ways I can help boost my exposure as I continue to build up my footage. My background is in web design & development so my first instinct is to try promoting on social media and my website. Aside from that, are there other promotion techniques you would recommend? Thanks for your time!
  9. all my sunny day ocean clouds sky pictures did not approval today that the reason is:"Poor Lighting--Image has exposure issues, unfavorable lighting conditions, and/or incorrect white balance." how about yours?)
  10. Hello everybody, I have been trying to get accepted to Shutterlock as a contributor and have sent my 10 images. I was rejected mainly with some focus and noise problems. I have solved them (downsized, got rid of the noise), switched about 3 or 4 of the pictures and tried again. This time I have received a rejection saying POOR LIGHTING for all 10 of the pictures. This was surprising because 6 of the pictures were the same as before... By looking at these pictures, could you please advise me what the problem might be? They say exposure or incorrect white balance but no more info. Thank you very much! Of course any other comments regarding the pictures are appreciated!
  11. Hi guys, I'm very new, and have now sold my first 3 photos (yay $0.75!)... I've submitted a number of photos recently, and been getting the feedback "Poor Lighting--Image has exposure issues, unfavorable lighting conditions, and/or incorrect white balance." The two links below show the last version of the photos I've submitted, having edited them a number of times. I personally think they must be salvageable as there's plenty of light there. But they keep getting rejected. I've tried messing with exposure, shadows, colouring, adding layers and adjusting those and merging them. Can anyone advise what specifically they think the problem is with these, and what I might do to address it (just trying to learn :-) ) I've put some small-size versions in the links below... Thanks in advance, Andy Photo 1 Photo 2
  12. Hi All, I have asked for feedback on the critique gallery after having THIS PHOTO rejected for poor lighting. I wasn't questioning the reviewer; just looking for help to move forward. Anyway, I have now had 8 photos all rejected for the same reason, even the they are essentially all the same photo as one accepted a couple of days ago. My keys with orange fob. Having looked through other people's ports I decided to create a set with different things written on the tag. The writing was typed in post production so the lighting is the same as the one already accepted. I realise that I could have just snuck through with the original, but I really need help understanding what I am being rejected for so that I can improve. Accepted image: Thank you for any advice.
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