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Found 124 results

  1. Ok, I am new in the editorial section and never had to upload photos that are newsworthy and needed to be online as quick as possible. Had some images of riots, and thought that they need to be online as soon as possible. So, is there a way for them to be online in quicker way then cca 12 hours that I've experienced with my first editorial submission? The review process is insanely quick these days, but I've found out that my photos were online about 12 hours after the review process. So, can I do something to shorten that time? Thanks.
  2. My illustration of DeLorean time machine rejected TWO times immediately after submitting with reason of Editorial Designation even when its designated correctly. I wonder if SS staff ever see this post, please @Kate Shutterstock @Alex Shutterstock
  3. hi, Though I have been uploading images for the past several months, I consider myself a fairly new contributor to SS, because I am still struggling with various aspects of the overall process. Here I'd like to highlight one particular issue, which is about the earning per image that I am getting. I have sold several dozens of images in these months, and the earning per image that I am receiving is by default USD 00.25. Is this the default and only price that everyone earns for sale per image? A total of 88 images sold and the only earning is @ USD 0.25 per image. Maybe I am doing something wrong, it'd be great if someone can provide guidance on this. Note: All my images fall under the 'Editorial' category. I sell these same images on other similar type stock sites and easily earn more than 100 times per image, than here.
  4. Should i post commercial and editorial both or only commercial in my account to get a consistence sale? Since editorial images helps me to increase size of the portfolio but sales are low.
  5. Hello, I am fairly new here and i just want to understand if comercial photos are purchased just as much as the editorials. Plus I am really confused about what to submit as editorial and what to submit as commercial. here is an example down below... Thanks in advance.
  6. Below is a screenshot of some recent submissions that were rejected. Unacceptable Editorial Caption is the reason and I'm just not sure what the exact criteria is? On right under "description" you can see one example of a description I attempted that was not approved. All these photos are from the 1950's (don't have exact date - month/year) from my family printing business now in it's third generation. I restored them and would like to share - just need to figure out how to put an apt caption? Any ideas or help?
  7. Hi all, This is a very basic question and is probably covered in a forum elsewhere that I can’t find. I’m new to Shutterstock and I understand the difference between commercial and editorial images, but I was wondering whether commercial images could be used for editorial purposes? I understand that editorial images cannot be used for commercial purposes, but was wondering if the opposite was true for commercial ones. The reason I ask is that I’m focused on wildlife, landscape and nature photography, many of which would be suited to editorial requirements but also commercial. I’m uploading as commercial images - would this limit their potential usage by editorial clients? Thanks in advance for your help and sorry if this is a stupid question - only created an account yesterday so very new to the Shutterstock world!
  8. Recently Ive been in a fashion show in Detroit and a took around 1000 pictures of models walking on runway but I dont know if i can sell them as editorial pictures ? Am I allowed to sell them here ?
  9. If the people in my editorial images or footage are not celebrities is it still important to include their names?
  10. Hello, I took an image of my Persian carpet & submitted as commercial (also with property release) and it was rejected (intellectual property reason). My question is, do you think I can submit it as editorial (things of human interest category) and how likely it will be accepted? You may say that go ahead and see if it works or not. But since rejection is very frustrating for me, I wanted to ask your opinion first (Also I am not much familiar with editorial). And how the caption should be? I attach the image, and also the link to my previous topic about this image (if you wanted to look at it anyway).
  11. I took a lot of photos at a festival the other day. Like military vehicles and demonstrations. I have shared the same pictures together with SS vd IS. My editorial posts were accepted as SS. The same visuals were all rejected IS. A place where anyone can easily enter. I didn't understand why he was rejected. Should editorial content require property permission. ? Reason not rejected: Problematic Location This photograph appears to have been produced at a location or venue where photographic rights are protected, therefore not permitted for use, including Unreleased. A property release must be obtained and submitted along with the image. Sample:
  12. I have an editorial image (ID: 1119144278), that is being stolen from google images. A big travel operator used it on their website and somehow it made to the top of google image search. It is now being used commercially in various places. I mailed Shutterstock regarding it, but so far nothing has happened. I wonder what needs to be done to stop this theft. @jeffde
  13. Hi everyone, is it possible to change (or transform) an editorial content to commercial one after its published in Shutterstock or it needs to be deleted and submitted as a commercial content? thanks for responses best, F
  14. Hi, I have uploaded some photos and everyone of them was rejected for not being editorial. I have uploaded similar before that did not have to be editorial. Is it that someone else has looked at them. This baffles me. Why? I have an example uploaded. Thanks. Andrew Penniall
  15. I routinely find a few of my editorial photos used for non editorial purposes, for example, I just found one of my editorial photos in a Reader's Digest article (or is that editorial?), and one on a web site being used to sell a service (this site edited the photo to remove license plate info). Is this something I should worry about? What happens if someone mis-uses a photo with people in it and the people find the photo online? And if there is ever a problem, who is legally responsible, me, Shutterstock, or the organization that bought and mis-used the photo?
  16. Hello everyone, I'm new in Shutterstock and a few days ago I have uploaded some editorial photos and got rejected for Unacceptable Editorial Caption. so my question here is how to edit the caption and resubmit the photo in Shutterstock? or I have to deleted and uploaded again? the photos now in the reviewed section. thanks
  17. Hello everybody, I have recently noticed that some of my cityscapes of Prague historic city centre were rejected because of missing property release requirement. For example the attached photo. Alright, I can license such scenes as editorials. However, while browsing similar images, I noticed that many quite similar images are listed as non-editorial, for example here: https://www.shutterstock.com/cs/image-photo/lobkowicz-palace-on-cloudy-day-prague-412618756 Where is the difference? I tend to be more specific when naming buildings that can be seen (In the case of the linked image, it was the Prague Castle, Church of St. Nicholas, Church of Our Lady Victorious and a water tower of the Lesser town). All of them are 19th century or older (for example the castle is medieval, but the cathedral was finished in 19th century, the churches are baroque and the tower is 19th century). Could it be that only more generically named photos are accepted ("Cityscape of Prague at Night"), or does it depend more on reviewers and their guidelines (which may change in time)? I have also noticed that churches tend to be rejected for commercial release more often than castles or abandoned industrial monuments, are possibly guidelines for religious objects more strict? Best, Jan Pohunek
  18. Hi, everyone, can anyone tell me why this rejected in editorial , reason is "The main subject of this image is not in focus". And how can I edit with Photoshop to get it approved?? Any tips?? I think the water before the boat is need to be blurred ??
  19. Hello SS team, @Alex Shutterstock @Kate Shutterstock, I notice that some contributors are struggling with creating the right caption format for editorial images. I think a great option would be: After clicking on editorial in the submission page the format should be automatically created in the caption field. The system could read the capture date and apply it automatically in the caption format. Contributors would only need to fill the country and place in the beginning of the format. This would save lots of time and also reduce the risk of wrong formats for newer contributors. I believe it should be realistic and i think it is a great function for editorial shooters. Thanks. Mirco
  20. Now I know I'm not the sharpest tool in the box, but I even though I'm new, I still try to abide by the rules. Submitted this as an editorial, with the description "Southwold, Norfolk. England - November 4, 2018: The Victorian lighthouse, white painted with it's beacon, pictured against an Autumn sky". Put it in two categories Buildings/landmarks and Objects. Sat back and waited for it to be added to the port. All I got was this rejection " Press Credentials: This image was taken at an event requiring press credentials. Please send your press credentials to credentials@shutterstock.com prior to submitting this content" Now, the lighthouse opened in the town in 1890, and the lamp has a range of 44km. Not sure that the white light flashing every 10 seconds constitutes an event, but someone obviously does!
  21. Hello to all! I would like to know (because so far and after everything I read on Shutterstock, it´s still not very clear to me) all the usage for commercial photos? Can they also be used for editorial purposes? I understand that editorial stock photography cannot be used for commercial ends, but what about the opposite? Thank you so much for your help,
  22. Hello friends..I am pretty new here. I am a designer and I just create illustrations. Should I select editorial or commercial for my uploads ? Which is the best approach Thanks
  23. Hello to all fellow Shutterstock contributors! I've been submitting images to Shutterstock for a couple of years now, here and there and have a small portfolio of 500 or so images. These earn on a monthly average, about $10-15 or annually, I earn around $0.45 per image / per year on average (this has gone up from an average of $0.40 / per image / per year. Much of my portfolio is Editorial. I do very little Commercial model-released stock, though around 50% is wildlife and landscape images. I'm just curious as to how those with larger portfolios and a longer track-record with Shutterstock are doing? Especially those who have a fair bit of Editorial stock in their collection, as it helps me plan how much time I devote to Shutterstock in the future. To be frank, Shutterstock has a fair volume of sales, but I find that $0.25 and $1.88 licenses don't really supply me with enough money to cover the high cost of producing stock images. I would also be interested to hear from anyone who is making reasonable returns with a 50/50 editorial/commercial collection similar in subject matter to my own. Thanks in advance and look forward to reading any replies!
  24. Curious, If one has a video rejected due to visible trademark, Is there a simple way to just flip it to editorial? Or do I have to go thru the whole process of uploading etc etc.? thanks
  25. Hi, since 30th April anytime when I submit Editorial images, bigstock rejects it with this message: "Reason: Editorial Designation -- This content can only be accepted for editorial use. Please select the "Editorial Usage" box on the "Info" tab before submitting." Of course, the images were submitted as Editorial and selected the "Editorial Usage". When I asked the support team, the answer is always the same: "1. submit smaller batches.2. don't use the multi-select to edit many images, try selecting editorial 1 image at at time, this may be a workaround. It is observed that metadata gets duplicated when multiselect is chosen.3. select the editorial category in addition to the checkbox.4. avoid apostrophes, brackets and so forth in the metadata." Okay, they don't read the emails just copy+paste the same text to everybody but I only submitted one image. I thought one image in a batch is quite small. Looks like not. I experience this issue since 30th April and after 3 weeks still nothing changed. Maybe bigstock does not accept editorial images anymore just forgot to inform the contributors. I checked the bigstock's blog, facebook and twitter but did not see any messages about this issue. Actually, they did not post anything since January. Do you know, what is going on there? Why bigstock does not accept editorial images? Why bigstock is not willing to fix the issue?
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