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Found 20 results

  1. Hi everyone, I edit a photo in photoshop. Background is crystal clear on my monitor. I submit a photo, photo is placed in my portfolio and then I see what I missed to erasure. Doesn't anybody experience this. I played with brightness and contract on my monitor, no success. Any help highly appreciated. Thank a lot. I hope you are going to see it on enclosed photo
  2. Are you finding that it is harder to edit drone images than the photos from the DSLR? After few years of self improvement, I have published a Udemy course about editing Aerial Drone Images in Lightroom Classic. You can check it out if you are interested: Drone Photo Editing in Lightroom It would be great to hear some feedback from the fellow contributors.
  3. Does artists allowed to use free png sites to edit photos like banner, poster, template etc? asking because free png sites says png for personal use, can I use it to edit photos and use for making designs for shutterstock ? please experts reply thanks in advance
  4. Hey guys ! I've been here for more than a year and I still struggling with slow workflow, I have nearly 700 images uploaded and I have more than 2000 images and videos waiting and the number is grooving, I work nearly everyday on my photos for several hours, before I used just Photoshop but this month I'm using Xpiks for keywording, it helps but not a really big impact. How many pic do you guys upload in a month? how can i fasten my workflow ?
  5. I was wondering what other photographers think about client requests for unedited photos. Often I'll do a shoot and have a thousand or more images to take home and process. I work outdoors, usually in places I haven't been before, shooting diverse landscapes, nature and some people photos. Usually, I just photograph for personal stuff and stock, but sometimes I take clients. Sometimes clients want to see samples on very short notice for one reason or another. They are thinking files right off the camera will indicate whether the photos are good or not. Often (in my opinion) the clients kn
  6. Hello all... I've a query.. What displayed on the (Nikon D5500) camera display looks bit different when viewed on the Acer laptop screen, again when the same laptop is connected via HDMI to Sony Bravia television for editing.. that comes up with different Contrast, vividity and color temperature... After editing keeping television quality as base... The same looks different on different screen... It looks different in Motorola and then in iPhone... And definitely it's going to be different again when it gets printed.. The Question is this how you guys tackle this situa
  7. Since the Approved folder is gone, is there a way to edit the captions/descriptions/keywords of approved photos? Where do I go?
  8. My catalog manager is all messed up, it shows the same images no matter what set I select. Image sorting in sets at catalog manager is set to "most popular" but it shows oldest first and the sorting button is non responsive (stuck). If I want to correct a spelling mistake I have to navigate page by page to find that image. Is there another way to edit mistakes (keywords and desc.), please? Thanks!
  9. Sorry if this question has been answered already, I couldn't find any info on it. I was wondering if the filmmakers/videographers on here have had success editing footage together to create a scene or sequence? For instance, I had a shoot where I staged an engagement and I would like to edit all the footage together to create a 20 second clip/scene of a couple getting engaged from start to finish. Assuming the footage is well lit, good composition, proper model releases, etc, does Shutterstock normally accept "scenes" such as this? I've seen a few clips on Shutterstock like this, but I was jus
  10. Hi Folks! Hope everyone is doing great! I am in search of a good video editor that I can download for free. I wonder what you guys are using? Any help on this will be greatly appreciated Many thanks to you all, Rebekah
  11. Has anyone used the new Surface Laptop for photos? I keep seeing ads for it as a traveling Photo Editing Laptop. I don't even know what/how big is the monitor screen.
  12. One of the stock footage student needed some help with workflow so I decided to create a video tutorial from editing to upload and everything in between. Full tutorial you will need to enroll for free. Would be curious to hear about others workflow
  13. I like Steve McCurry's work. But after this my trust for his image have dimmed slightly http://petapixel.com/2016/05/06/botched-steve-mccurry-print-leads-photoshop-scandal/
  14. The other day I uploaded a few property releases. Only wanted one cause the rest ended up not up to par. Is there any way I can delete the ones I don't want besides just "check marking" them for non-visibility? Or do they just go away after awhile? Thanks.
  15. please give few tips on mobile photography and editing software?
  16. I'm largely self taught and just getting started here. I seem to have a lot of photos rejected due to focus issues when the photo is viewed at full resolution. Is there something I can do different settings wise on my camera? I shoot with a Rebel SL1 using a kit lens, a nifty 50, and a 55-250mm zoom. I also get rejections for incorrect white balance. MY editing skills are really basic and I only tend to use the editing software that came with the camera--digital photo professional. I'm slowly learning gimp 2.8 Thanks
  17. Hi I noticed that description is wrong in a few photos I uploaded last time and when I go to the catalog manager and edit the text I cant submit and save the changes. I have tried multiple times with different browsers but the changes wont save. Anyone else having this problem ?
  18. I'm practicing color correcting video but I do not know how to color correct stills. I've recently decided to take flat photos for more dynamic range.
  19. Hi all. I am a photographer currently using Photoshop CS3 and Lightroom 5. As my version of Photoshop is very old, I was wondering if there is any benefit to purchasing Elements which is more recent. ( I don't wish to purchase a subscription to the new version of Photoshop because I don't like the subscription model for this software.) Does anyone think that a new version Elements is superior to an old version of Photoshop?
  20. I guys ! I'm a new contributer here. After a couple uploads, I realize I gotta edit some pictures' keywords. Problem is I just can't access the editing page for all my images...I click on to images from the catalog manager and nothing happens... Is this me- not impossible- or any bug on the catalog manager page ? thanks !
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