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Found 16 results

  1. Hi everyone, I edit a photo in photoshop. Background is crystal clear on my monitor. I submit a photo, photo is placed in my portfolio and then I see what I missed to erasure. Doesn't anybody experience this. I played with brightness and contract on my monitor, no success. Any help highly appreciated. Thank a lot. I hope you are going to see it on enclosed photo
  2. Hey everybody Is there an easy way to add keyword to images. You see I have some images that I have uploaded a few years ago and I was looking at them today and found out that ONE keyword should have been there. But I cannot figure out how to add it?
  3. Hello there! I'm uploading my first contents and, after working on descriptions and keywords, I find myself to submit images with project names (very ugly ?). I thought I could edit the titles in Shutterstock. Am i supposed to edit them after approval or.. am I missing something? Thanks!
  4. Good day everyone! I’m giving a simple SOOC image for a new game. This image consists of 2 easy subjects, no property release issue. It is easier to cut, clone, texture or whatever your creativity excels with or without composite of your own image. Should be an ideal image for everyone to sharpen your digital art skill or advance skillful members to show your expertise. Up to you for safe keeping or submit commercially if you want to (no credit required). But........... Please share best creation for the contest here and participate to help fellow members. Closing date: One week
  5. I am not seeing the image edit page now that had the ability to add a second category, rather now looks like the submission page where, to my knowledge, you can set only one. Delliberate system change? Problem? Senior momrnt...?
  6. Is this still possible? It seems the "Catalog Manager" doesn't allow this.
  7. Hi there, I would like to change my profile picture. I deleted my old one and created a new one within the specs. My problem is that when I go to upload this new one, Shutterstock just uploads my old one! It doesn't say "unable to upload" or anything, it just goes ahead and displays my previous photo. I really don't understand how this is even possible. Are we unable to change our profile pictures or something?
  8. Hello! Help me please. Recently I can not edit pending photos. I do not have the pencil (edit) icon. http://c2n.me/3QqG3vC Do you have the same problem?
  9. One of my recently approved images looks dull to me and I want to increase the saturation in Photoshop. Is there a way to edit the existing approved image or do I need to delete it and upload it again? Are there any issues with uploading such a similar image twice?
  10. Hi all you guys and gals... I was wondering... how can I edit image details on my ipad? If i go the route of the catalogue manager and find the images i am looking for, then i cant "double tap" an image (obviously, that is the native zoom function of the ipad) What am i missing?
  11. how can i go back and change my keywords and titles? i uploaded a bunch of photos, but now i realize my keywords were deficient. is there a way i can go back and change them? thanks.
  12. Sorry if this question has been answered already, I couldn't find any info on it. I was wondering if the filmmakers/videographers on here have had success editing footage together to create a scene or sequence? For instance, I had a shoot where I staged an engagement and I would like to edit all the footage together to create a 20 second clip/scene of a couple getting engaged from start to finish. Assuming the footage is well lit, good composition, proper model releases, etc, does Shutterstock normally accept "scenes" such as this? I've seen a few clips on Shutterstock like this, but I was jus
  13. Hi, I'm wondering if you guys could help me, I have just joined as a contributer and I have a question about editing or post prior to uploading. I was under the impression that we should upload content that is untouched. i.e. by photoshop or other editing applications. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks in advance guys Paul
  14. Hi everybody, I believe this is my first post on SS forum since 5 years of being as a contributor. I always wanted to SS provide us with more editing capabilities like bulk editing the content after uploading like keywords and description. I was looking for a solution to save tremendous of time to update and tweak with my keywords without pressing a single button for a very long time. But yet no one came up with a decent solution. Then I broaden my search to how can I automate/simulate thousands of clicks and find/replace with addon or script system. And finally I found a
  15. Hi everone! Being a newbie on Shutterstock I've still not figured everything out. One of the questions I have is if you can still add or change your keywords/tags after your illustrations are accepted by Shutterstock. I would also like to know where I can find my Shutterstock URL. Best regards, Annemarie
  16. Today I want to edit my pending images. But when I click on the edit link, it shows that my images doesn't exist with message ---- "We can't find the content you wanted to edit, please check the ID (344986631) and try again." Please help
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