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Found 7 results

  1. I reached the minimum payment for July and it will be my first payment. There is '1st day of the month the payment period ends and a new cycle begins' part on SS guide page. But it didn't happen for me. In addition I have 0 sale for the last 3 days and it is not normal. It there any problem with SS?
  2. I Am Uploading 100+ Pic But Earnin Will Not Start Kindly Help Thanks
  3. I have some earnings from my sold photos, I would like to buy other people's photos with the money from my sold photos. Does anyone know how to do it? Thank You!!!
  4. Anyone else only getting 10 cents (US) for images and 26 cents (US) for videos? Shutterstock has not responded to inquiries as to whether they are also accepting only a few cents per download. It is unethical and likely illegal for Shutterstock to accept $79 per video while only paying out $0.26. Additionally there has been concerns raised that Shutterstock may be knowingly allowing the illegal inclusion of content into non creator/copyright-owner accounts. As a result of the extortion tactics enacted by Shutterstock I have not submitted new content for the past year, and am wo
  5. May as well start a thread so we can celebrate how much extra profit Shutterstock make and share price is boosted by stealing off every single contributor... For context i was on the old top SS tier and had been for many years (the >$10k tier) and from last June was on L5 images and L3 video. I expected it to be bad but hadn't calculated it was going to be THIS bad. Download *numbers* overall up for me.... First the total: Just go get an idea from the last 2 years. Down doesnt begin to describe it. In fact the worst month since 2012 (when i had 400 ima
  6. Is the earnings calculation email late for everyone this month, or just for me?
  7. Здравствуйте, меня ограбили и украли мою кредитную карту 19 июля. Я аннулировал карту и заказал новую, но деньги не пришли, ни с прошлого месяца, ни с этого, я пытаюсь привязать свою учетную запись на новую карту, но я не могу, я перенаправился на страницу, чтобы заказать новую, но карта уже есть Как я могу связать мою учетную запись с новой картой от Payoneer Теперь я думаю, это прошло успешно. Я попробовал через несколько минут, и мне было написано, что учетная запись была изменена, и теперь я вижу сообщение: « Аккаунт в ожидании ». Если вам нужен номер моей карты, новой, я могу отправи
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