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Found 13 results

  1. Only two days left, July sales is probably my worst month since August, 2014. The following is my earning chart since February 2012 when I started in SS. Looks really scary? Edit: My sales $
  2. Sales are down.....On more that 10K of vectors / images my sales are dropping....and drop is HUGE....trend on SS is : more I work - less I'm paid ...and if this trend continues in January...I'll sign for exclusivity, we all knows where....math doesn't lie.... start is 15 % flat rate for non- exclusive ovethere but on 4000 sales per year percentage goes to 35 % ( double ) ...15 000 goes to 40 % etc etc... I already have more than 15 000 downloads per year there.... And what is also important, there will be no more wasting time on repeated uploads for "File Transfer Error -- Please check your file and resubmit." , less time spent on upload on site that doesn't even listen to people who works for them....overthere is not alloweed to empty SD card....no repeated spam words in names overthere for some contributors such is case on SS...there will be no more thieves such is foundstock that stole our work and giving it for free.
  3. Previous two weeks were really good in terms of sales - after actively expanded my portfolio I started to get up to 7-10 downloads each working day. It gave a boost of optimism and confidence but this week has suddenly turned out depressing Sales suddenly has dropped just 1-2 per day, even my long term bestseller, an image which has been downloaded almost daily, hasn't been sold... I'm like - hey, what's happening this week here? Just wanted to know - has anyone else experienced sudden and considerable decrease in sales exactly since this Monday?
  4. Hello guys, what would you think if someone tell you that facebook is offering our work for free ? Sounds unbelievable ? How about to read this article below then ? Without sounds. https://www.facebook.com/business/a/carousel-stock-photo P.S. I makes me wonder what SS has offered to google after this.
  5. Hi all, I have observed a phenomenon that I think I can assume a type of constant in shutterstock. Every time I upload new content, sales fall and stop. I do not know if it's because the beast is updated again, or why this happens. Nor do I understand how it is possible that you regularly sell pictures and suddenly everything stops and is dead. It looks like a ship in an unpredictable ocean. Since I get 70% / 75% off the sale, I would like to have some sort of security or guidance validity. What less!. Otherwise, it seems we are here to fatten figures only. Has someone happened the same? Thanks for the attention.
  6. Hi I loved shutterstock and things went well for me the last years. But now suddenly i got a big drop in sales from about minus 80 % in the last 2 -3 Month. I didnt change anything and uploaded new, but sometimes I get 1 sale a day when i got at least 30 a day. Anyone else with this problem ?? Did shutterstock do something to the search algorithm ? Do they lose buyers ? Im really sad and if this trend continious, im out because its way to much work for almost nothing in return know. And shutterstock used to be my best selling stock base .... :-( Curious greetings Tobi
  7. dear admin, I just wanna ask why i cant search my portofolio from google like any other contributors portfolio.... thank you very much.... I try to find sickstock shutterstock portofolio its not shown... whereas i have email the shutterstock admin but still no answerr.. thank you...
  8. In 2 days i uploaded 20-30 images. I know its not much, but there should be some result. Of all those images, only ONE is sold (accidentally i guess ) . I have small port, im newbie, im not expecting 200 sales a day (even if it would be niceeee), but one? The same goes for almost all pics i uploaded past month. So, my question for more experienced contributor is, whether to upload at this moment at all or not? On one side, uploading more means bigger port and bigger possibility to sell, but on the other hand, why to upload if all of them will be lost and buried, and anyway im selling 'old' images??
  9. Hi everybody, I would like to share an experience which i find a bit odd. I am a new contributor with a bit less than 700 images so far. In the past month i uploaded very regularely and in the last 2 weeks i have noticed increased and constant sales every day (even in the weekend). The weird part is that, after i uploaded a series of images on saturday the images became stuck and after i uploaded again they refused them (but one) several times with all the possible reasons. Since then there are no sales, nothing.That one image they have acceped was the same quality and content as the others and in 20 minutes i had 2 sales, one of them on demand. The accepted image: http://www.shutterstock.com/pic.mhtml?id=456707440 The other submissions were variations with similar content. I don`t understand how things stopped so suddenly . Does anybody have an advice of what to do? Should i contact Shutterstock for an inquiry? Thank you
  10. Normally I get like 250-300 downloads per month on about 150 images. Last Tuesday/Wednesday I have had 30 downloads from all of the continents. Then from Wednesday night till today Friday afternoon, ZERO downloads. How can this be possible? Am I disconnected from Shutterstock for some reason or what? Thanks guys
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