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Found 26 results

  1. I've done already a 95 photo for bodybuilding. I worked on retouching, keywords and description very well and i only get 3 downloads. am i have any problem. i want to review my portfolio in the technical way ( photography and retouching ) and on the other way (uploading things) the time i uploaded this session, Keywords and description, and if you have any advice. (Notice: I have 5 downloads on editorial photos and only 3 on the session of bodybuilding)
  2. SOD's

    Hi folks, I have now joined the SOD's club, just sold my first one. I didn't realise what a difference it makes to the earnings table. Very happy
  4. Sad Sad Sales

    It just continues to drop -- not just the income but total downloads are now less than half of what they have been. Very disappointing but SS still far outsells any of my other outlets. How was your November? Any bright projections?
  5. My problem is that i have 0 downloads with 66 images in one month. I mean I know i have to upload hundreds of pictures with HCV to make some money and I also know that landscapes dont sell anymore....but 0? In one month? I have a lot of landscape,travel and a few product photography. What do you think I am doing wrong? Title,keywords,picture itself? Thanks a lot!
  6. I am a new contributor in shutterstock. So can you give some of your experience about improving my earnings? Thank you
  7. Thanks August 2017

    I'm happy with August sales and "Eid Adha" downloads,Thanks SS Really Eid Mubarak
  8. Download Cap

    Hi fellow contributors, Many of you maybe has been affected of the new "algorithm" but for me it seems like it´s stopping downloads at a certain point lets say x downloads/day +/- 2 dls, and thats constant, if that is smart and good use of tech to turn of contributors when they come above a certain dl number I wonder how it will be soon... (that algoritm I could almost do by myself, maybe not called algorithm, just mathematics) Any thoughts, or I'm the only one missing the sales they said they should do with the new great schema...?
  9. SHOW your latest download

    The old thread didn't work, so I create new one
  10. Strange - I've had 3 new downloads from Switzerland - but they aren' yet showing in my daily earnings summary - not an unusual occurrence , as can take a while - however, in my IPhone App - they also aren't showing which is very unusual as normally they will show there near enough straight away - I know they'll appear eventually, but strange there is such a big lapse - I first noticed them at least 45 mins ago - and still not showing. Anyone else had new downloads that aren't yet showing - but should be ? Just curious!
  11. Very bad July (2017)

    Hi everyone, I don't know why but this month is terrible for me in the aspect of earnings. Now it's about half of the earnings I have as usual. Does Shutterstock have a trouble or is it my misfortune only? What about your july month? Thanks.
  12. I reached 600 downloads!

    I've got over 1,800 images.
  13. Week 16: My Sales...

    ...Are down!!! I have only 1 download this week Last week I got 7 downloads which was awesome... So I want to send message to the world: Download me! How are you doing this week?
  14. Hi, I'm new in Shutterstock. I have uploaded 111 photos, but sold only five times. I get on average one download a week. Is there something wrong with my photos, titles or keywords? I shoot a lot of nature close-ups and macros that don't have a very specific content, for example just some random leaves, branches or reeds with beautiful sunlight or moody foggy weather. Could it be that these kinds of photos aren't very commercial or that people can't find them from the mass? It annoys me that I spend so, so many hours editing and keywording my photos without getting any reward. Anna
  15. I made 100 sales in 51 days. am i going slow ?? i uploaded 300 photos first. and 100 more in 51 days....
  16. So I am pretty new to Shutterstock and Photography in general. I made a account about half a year ago, and have added some pictures over the last few months. Now it has been a month, and I am getting not a single view, follow, or sale. I know my stock might not be the best ones, but there are a few really great images that I feel should be selling quite well. I normally add roughly 10-30 keywords per image, and try to add different keywords and titles for all my images. (Should I use less keywords? What is an ideal number? I have promoted my images and profile across many platforms from my own website to nearly all social medias. (Still not a single profile view.... Event though I know some have viewed my profile...) Am I doing something wrong here? Is my account "blacklisted" or "not public" or something similar? Please help me, I am really trying to make this happen, and plan to add much much more and better quality images, but right now I feel discouraged, as absolutely nothing is happening... PLEASE ANY ONE IF YOU HAVE ANY ADVICE PLEASE TELL ME! SEE MY PROFILE HERE..... MY PROFILE ( Thank you!
  17. Curious what's the average downloads ppl get here... I'm averaging 100 downloads a month and I have over 600 pictures up. Not a big earning considering the time it took on all the pictures lol.. Also curious about the following. I have no followings yet... Do others have big following? and does it affect much the earning?
  18. hello, i have noticed that latest downloads are shown on map. sometimes in area of south america, europe, africa and so on. does it mean files have been downloaded in that region or it has nothing to do with it ? thank you for any reply
  19. Yesterday I had an enhanced download (not single and other downloads) earning me in the hundreds of dollars. First I thought it might be a bug but it seems it is not. Were they not supposed to be ranging from 19 to 30 dollars approximately? Here is the picture in question: Dear image buyer thank you so much for the donation! Shot in Nepal after the earthquake. Anybody else has had this kind of sales already?
  20. Number of monthly downloads

    Hi everyone, I noticed the other day that on the catalog manager page it says my monthly downloads are 109, whereas on the main contributor page it says I have had 4 downloads this month. My earnings are in line with the main page (sadly) but I can't help wondering about why the catalog page is so vastly different. The catalog page doesn't tie up with any of my sales figures or download numbers. Has anybody else noticed this? Cheers for reading, Jennie
  21. Normally I get like 250-300 downloads per month on about 150 images. Last Tuesday/Wednesday I have had 30 downloads from all of the continents. Then from Wednesday night till today Friday afternoon, ZERO downloads. How can this be possible? Am I disconnected from Shutterstock for some reason or what? Thanks guys
  22. Hi I'm curious if people are getting regular sales from their 4k aerials and what earnings they are getting. Here are some of my examples of aerial sales this month. Very rare do customers pay the full 4k price I found. Anyone find anything different. HD$17.34 CHIANG MAI,THAILAND - CIRCA December 2015 :back sweep and rising shot SIEM RIEP,CAMBODIA - CIRCA July 2015 :low forward aerial towards Angkor wat (cart sales $23.70)
  23. 12 EL's yesterday :)

    I just wanted to share my happiness with my shutterstock comrades. I had 12 ELs yesterday . 11 for 16.25$, and one for 25$. The only bad thing is that 30% of my earnings go to taxes. I am from Serbia, and clients are from US .
  24. Hi all, hope sales are good. Just wondering if anyone else has had anywhere near as much success on any other libraries? I tried uploading a couple of my big sellers on to iStock, Fotolia and Dreamstime, but it wasn't really worth the time it took to upload and keyword (ESPECIALLY iStock!). Barely any sales at all. Am I better off just focussing my time on uploading more here? Thoughts / experiences / suggestions welcome... All the best, Barney, foodonwhite.
  25. Hi all, I've just been accepted as a contributor and already been notified that my first photo sold! I'm beyong excited to have made my first 25 cents! Having said that, it would also be cool to know how my work is being used? Is there any way to find that out? I realize it might be a crapshoot, but it would be neat to see if possible. Any thoughts! Thanks! Lindsey