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Found 42 results

  1. Alexander Image

    SHOW your latest download

    The old thread didn't work, so I create new one https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/american-businessman-looking-mirror-wearing-green-619359917 https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/american-business-woman-working-new-york-527057959 https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/young-black-businessman-sitting-on-street-164312867
  2. George Khelashvili

    What is a minimum monthly revenue?!

    I have started upload photo-videos 5 month ago. My revenue by this time is 130$(I have 30+ downloads every month). So, What is a minimum monthly revenue?!
  3. This is my 40,000th DL on SS since I joined in January 2006. At my current rate, I won't live to reach 50,000! This is a detail of a Ferrari shot in Sienna, Italy in April 2015.
  4. One of my images was downloaded for the 20th time yesterday. Morning shot of Muscat seascape in warm tones. So, I would like to start this thread and invite you to post your images with 20 or above downloads. it would be nice to know what kind of images are really selling. Anybody interested?
  5. Show your best selling image of all time
  6. Hi everyone, I'm new at Shutterstock and I could use some advice on how to get my first download sooner. I've already uploaded several photos but I don't know what to do next . Thanks in advance for the help
  7. And it's safe to say it's a down year so far. I started in late 2012, and have consistently uploaded about 15-20 images per week since. But check out last year's drop in revenue for May and June compared to this year's. This chart is across all my agencies, but SS is the main generator at about 80% of revenue. I'd be in a panic if this were my only income source. More work doesn't mean more revenue. At this point, to keep revenue growth, I think it's going to be more about quality of uploaded images as I can't compete in quantity with the rate that SS is growing. If anyone else has charts similar to this, would love to see how your sales and revenue have gone over a 5 year time frame. I hope this provides some small perspective as well for those just getting into the stock photography. Happy uploading folks.
  8. Exactly one month back, on May 17th, I've reached the milestone of 25 downloads from my portfolio. Today, I am standing over another milestone of 50 downloads, thanks to an incredible day with 14 sales! Feeling very happy to see my hard-work slowly paying off. I know I have a long way to go. But this is a very good beginning. Thank you buyers and Shutterstock for making this a reality.
  9. Hello everybody! If it is not difficult, tell me what is my mistake? 11 downloads in two years very little. From this interest disappears ... Best regards!
  10. rejittiachan


    My images have been downloaded 25 times after nearly two years of hard work. Out-of-which this image only downloaded 12 times. Muscat Skyline Money-wise its not too much. But I feel that I have reached a milestone. Thanks to the buyers, wherever you are, and Shutterstock.
  11. Hi everybody! I am a bit confused... Since I have started here about 4 months ago, I used to have a download at least every two or three days, sometimes even more often. But since 3rd May my account seems to be frozen in. Nothing... Not a single download. How's the rest of you doing at the moment?
  12. Roman Tiraspolsky

    March 2018 - BME

    This month is the BME for me. I will make more than $300 for the first time. The number of DLs is usual. What made the month for me was the single largest sale on SS as of yet [SODs outpace everything else for the first time as a result] and two video cart sales. Thank you buyers, thank you SS. Much success to my fellow contributors!
  13. Hi, I'm new in Shutterstock. I have uploaded 111 photos, but sold only five times. I get on average one download a week. Is there something wrong with my photos, titles or keywords? I shoot a lot of nature close-ups and macros that don't have a very specific content, for example just some random leaves, branches or reeds with beautiful sunlight or moody foggy weather. Could it be that these kinds of photos aren't very commercial or that people can't find them from the mass? It annoys me that I spend so, so many hours editing and keywording my photos without getting any reward. Anna
  14. Laurens Hoddenbagh

    total downloads per photo

    Hi, I like to see in my portfolio which photos have been downloaded and how often that photo was downloaded. Now I can see the top performers. I can also see how many downloads there are on a certain day, but is there a way to see which photos have been downloaded no matter if it was through subscription, on demand, enhanced or single or other?
  15. HI I'm Jacksangler It's been closely 2month as a shutterstock contributor. I’ve uploaded over 30 images with different images like Nature, texture and landscapes. But still I didn’t get any downloads. As you are all experienced Contributors, I need your suggestions and guidance to improve my photography skill and make money This is my portfolio https://www.shutterstock.com/g/jacksangler
  16. MostafaFatehi

    Customer Question

    Hi, I always wonder how can customers know if an image is downloaded before or how many downloads of a prefered image? Also, I ask a question here from almost a month and there was a member asked me with the number of my photos levels (for example the dog image is in first 20,00 photo which can be showed to a customer and so on). Thank you
  17. Jen Burrows

    Zero Sales in Feb20181

    Has anyone else experienced a major drop in sales this month ( Feb 2018) with just one more day to go I havent made any sales at all. I do not have lots of sale, but have regular sales each month and have not had a zero month since Dec 2016.
  18. I've done already a 95 photo for bodybuilding. I worked on retouching, keywords and description very well and i only get 3 downloads. am i have any problem. i want to review my portfolio in the technical way ( photography and retouching ) and on the other way (uploading things) the time i uploaded this session, Keywords and description, and if you have any advice. (Notice: I have 5 downloads on editorial photos and only 3 on the session of bodybuilding) https://www.shutterstock.com/g/abdulrahman_elshamy/sets
  19. According to my Earning Summary page, so far I have no downloads today. It is just past 2:00 p.m. There must be something wrong because I know I have had downloads today by looking at the Latest Downloads page. Does anyone else have this problem?
  20. https://www.shutterstock.com/it/image-photo/baby-girl-390638791
  21. Warren Price Photography

    Sad Sad Sales

    It just continues to drop -- not just the income but total downloads are now less than half of what they have been. Very disappointing but SS still far outsells any of my other outlets. How was your November? Any bright projections?
  22. Pamela Reynolds


    Hi folks, I have now joined the SOD's club, just sold my first one. I didn't realise what a difference it makes to the earnings table. Very happy
  23. I am a new contributor in shutterstock. So can you give some of your experience about improving my earnings? Thank you
  24. My problem is that i have 0 downloads with 66 images in one month. I mean I know i have to upload hundreds of pictures with HCV to make some money and I also know that landscapes dont sell anymore....but 0? In one month? I have a lot of landscape,travel and a few product photography. What do you think I am doing wrong? Title,keywords,picture itself? Thanks a lot!
  25. Ali Al-Awartany

    Thanks August 2017

    I'm happy with August sales and "Eid Adha" downloads,Thanks SS Really Eid Mubarak