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Found 46 results

  1. We normally get Congratulations for the first sale, and fifth sales. But no more, more than fifth. Well,,, Show your fifth downloads. I started, Here is mine. http://www.shutterstock.com/pic.mhtml?id=252378799
  2. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/young-african-american-man-reading-red-672016318
  3. maxbelchenko

    decrease in sales

    Hello everybody. The last few months I noticed that sales have fallen very strongly. This is a link to my stock. https://www.shutterstock.com/ru/g/belchenko maksym I do not know what's going on with the stock, sales have fallen sharply, although I'm constantly throwing work here. What is the problem with the rating of photos, it seems to me
  4. Mary Doggett

    Download country

    Hi all, Is there anyway of retrieving the information for all downloads of the country where it was downloaded from ? It's been interesting to understand which photos do well where.. and I had been saving these details in an Excel file (I know... sounds sad...) but it got corrupted and was unrecoverable... Would really appreciate any responses ! Thanks loads Mary
  5. Prashanv

    No downloads nowdays

    Hello, I have 30 images approved on shutter stock and 9 already submitted for approval. I am getting frustrated as no sales nowadays. Its already been 10 days last download. How can I increase more sale. Please give me tips. Regards, Sheetal
  6. ✍️ I'm happy to share my Happiness to all in SS. I have been hear for 2+ yrs learned lot from forum & critics as well. My uploads are very occasionally & it did good/bad up's & down's for me!!. My Sincere Thanks to my buyers. SS friends in forum and last but not least Shutter Stock reviewer's & sellers buddies as well ☺️.
  7. Muhammed Riyaz

    Illegal Download

    Hi folks, Recently I came to know that there is a website that allows to shutter stock images download illegally. Please report this website and please make more security for our images. It's a request to shutter stock team. https://tricksnhub.com/download-shutterstock-images-free-without-watermark-2018/ https://nohat.se/
  8. Mi.Ti.

    SODs of July 2018

  9. Hello everybody! 0 downloads in last two days.Does anyone have same problem?
  10. Heide Pinkall

    Yeah! :-)

    Hey, just want to share my excitement :-) Exactly 4 months after my first pictures were approved on Shutterstock, the 100th photo has been downloaded a few minutes ago :-) It is a really hot picture: https://www.shutterstock.com/de/image-photo/round-thermometer-shows-extreme-high-temperatures-1075534106 ... by the way, the thermometer was NOT manipulated or broken, it was a very (!) hot day and the thermometer was shone directly by the sun :-) I think this is even a good symbol for 100th download. It might be a very small milestone, some people have such an amount per day... and I still am trying to figure out which picture has good commercial value and which not, so, I am still learning ;-)
  11. Sohn Gottes

    Is sale really too low

    I have increased my images to 450+ and increasing value in newer images as compare to my initial images. But downloads not increasing substantially. Also I noticed that this month contributors sharing very few images in latest download thread. That may be because of some other reason. Is it true now downloads are decreasing drastically.
  12. Is there the way we can download our image back from contributor system? All my photos is all backup in my external storage, sometimes I need to download my old photos to do in another purpose. Regards Kiattisak Anoochitarom
  13. Heide Pinkall

    Locations on the map

    Hi there! I love to see my photos on the world map :-) But sometimes I am wondering... In some cases there's a different name and/or location shown after reloading. For example: First point was "Applecross/AUS" then "Perth/AUS", after a while it even showed "Brisbane/AUS" and finally "Newsted/AUS" - and after every reload this changed/changes. Where was the "real location" of download? I mean... "Applecross" and "Perth" is some kind of the same but Brisbane is not the same district and far away from Perth... Does anybody have an answear how the phenomenon can be explained? Thank you!
  14. VarnakovR

    ELs of March 2018

    Enhanced downloads still exist) https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/panoramic-view-on-mountain-lake-front-695611774
  15. $1.90 https://www.shutterstock.com/image-illustration/magic-blue-lightning-sky-abstract-headers-537081541
  16. What should be the acceptable or fair number of downloads (per month) for a content?
  17. hand draw

    ELs of February 2018

    first one https://www.shutterstock.com/image-vector/eagle-on-mountain-travel-print-you-513867442
  18. A question I asked myself several times: is the photo sales report recorded at the same time that the customer makes the download? Do you have any certain news regarding your experience ??? Thank you!
  19. Hi, here are images of my portfolio than have more than 1000 downloads. Show me yours
  20. Hi forum, I have only been a contributor for about a month. I mainly shoot clouds and landscapes but I want to use models but have been unable to use the release on shutterstock or my own. HELP!!!!
  21. How to have my first download?
  22. Hello All, Can anyone please tell me how can we know that how many times a particular image has been downloaded. is there any way to know in SS. regards, Sheetal
  23. Hello All, Is there anybody who can tell me How to know the location from where your image has been downloaded. can we know where the image have been used which is downloaded. Thanks in advance, Sheetal
  24. Stefan Holm

    Download Cap

    Hi fellow contributors, Many of you maybe has been affected of the new "algorithm" but for me it seems like it´s stopping downloads at a certain point lets say x downloads/day +/- 2 dls, and thats constant, if that is smart and good use of tech to turn of contributors when they come above a certain dl number I wonder how it will be soon... (that algoritm I could almost do by myself, maybe not called algorithm, just mathematics) Any thoughts, or I'm the only one missing the sales they said they should do with the new great schema...?