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Found 19 results

  1. A German Sheperd enjoying a ride in the car on a nice day.
  2. Any criticism is welcomed. Thank you. The only adjustments I made were to correct exposure and white balanced on the white of his fur.
  3. Just got my first DSLR. My wife got me a Nikon 3400. I still need to work on not having the noise in the background
  4. My black lab who also happens to be a Therapy Dog
  5. From the album: what do you think?

    This picture was taken late in the afternoon. The dog is facing the sun and the composition is on the right because I think that a buyer should be able to write his own text to the left in the picture Is there any demand for this type of pictures? What can I do better next time?
  6. I'm an Australian Photographer living in France and wanting to enter the world of microstock to start to earn an income from my hobby. I'm self taught with a moderate-to-good technical understanding of photography. I have not yet been accepted by Shutterstock but would like some critique & feedback on the photos I'm thinking of including with my submission. A majestic dog posing for the camera in a small mountain village in the French Pyrenees. Processed in Lightroom to enhance the dynamic range.
  7. Hi there everyone! My name is Adri, I'm a freelance photographer (at least, I'm trying to be!) I just recently joined Shutterstock, and am hoping that this will be a good way to collect some passive income. So far it seems that my pet portraits are some of my post popular. I've been searching for an answer to this, but have so far been unsuccessful... I have done a lot of work with animal rescues and shelters, photographing the animals that are available for adoption in hopes of helping them find a new home. I'd like to submit a lot of these photos to Shutterstock, but am unsure about the legalities of it. Do I need a release for photos of somebody else's dog/cat/other pet? What if that animal was "owned" by a rescue/shelter at the time of being photographed? Thanks in advanced! Below is one of my typical "shelter/rescue dog" photos - a dog who was in foster care through a local Border Collie Rescue at the time of being photographed.
  8. I am preparing a submission to ShutterStock and would appreciate any feedback! This is a mixed breed puppy asleep after playing with yarn. Thank you!
  9. Newbie moving slowing into the world of stock images--this is one of my favorites. My wife says our dog is my muse! I would appreciate any feedback!
  10. Bob was honoring military and raising money for America's wounded soldiers at a car show benefit in NY this Spring. He agreed to pose in the back of his owner's pick up before the event began.
  11. From the album: Portraits

    Pure love

    © Nicola Zeni

  12. Rejected by SS for white balance and color. What would you suggest to improve this photo? Thanks for your valuable feedback.

    © Quinn Oglesby

  13. gurezende

    Cachorro Fb

    Hi all...submitted today. W/o the signature in the bottom, of course :-P What do you think?

    © Gustavo Rezende (c) 2016

  14. Wildheart


    Waiting for Mama. Here's my dog shot.

    © Michael C. Broadway

  15. Photoshop picture of our dog Bertie. Refused couple of times wrong category then no original image. Trying to work out if it's worth trying again and using this. I have 4 photos previously accepted so trying to get to 7. Completely new so any comments welcome thanks.

    © M Woodcock

  16. Neppie91

    Xara in the sun

    From the album: Animals

  17. Neppie91

    Xara shake

    From the album: Animals

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