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Found 7 results

  1. Hello everyone, is the newest DJI Mini 2 drone good enough for stock photos and video? It has 4k 100 mps video capability and 12 MP camera (but it has a quite small sensor - 1/2.3" CMOS sensor). Is it good enough for a beginner? I'd love to get a drone to enter the aerial photography/videography world, and the Mini 2 seems like a good compromise between price and quality (I don't want to spend 1000 and more dollars on a drone right now) but I'm scared its photos and videos might not be accepted for the quality. Does anyone use it (or even used to first DJI Mavic Mini) to sell stock photos/
  2. Hello, I upload several videos film with the DJI mini 2 and all are rejected by noise or resolution and proportion. All the videos are film in 4K with 3840x2160. Frame rate 29.97 Video quality = 100Mbps Video Codec = H264 My videos are approved on other site, so I think that they are ok on terms of quality. Why the rejections here? 85848645_Drone17.mp4
  3. Has anyone here bought the recently released DJI Spark and has (successfully) used it for stock photography? It looks more like a toy than a proper working tool (Mavic or above), but I am curious if anyone who owns one has used it here.
  4. Loads of footage comparing the video quality of the two drones: DJI Pantom 4 to the DJI Phantom 4 Pro. The ultimate birds fight! https://youtu.be/9nOCKJQ1eb4
  5. I don't know if many of you are interested in drones. But if you are, you find here a lot of footage comparing the two drones: DJI Pantom 4 to the DJI Phantom 4 Pro https://youtu.be/9nOCKJQ1eb4
  6. So got my Osmo today this will be my to go 4K camera for B rolls and stock footage such a great tool from dji. And the inspire 1 Polar Pro filters do fit the Osmo X3.
  7. Hey Guys, Just wondering is it recommended to shoot with a flat profile? personally i always shoot with a flat/LOG for color correction but should i just use the standard for clips i wanna sell? Dan
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