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Found 8 results

  1. i want to delete my account
  2. Hello all, I am a photo contributor since almost one year ago. On february I decided to start uploading videos and what I found is that video review works very bad here on Shutterstock and not in other similar stock platforms. My history, 1. 4th February I started to upload videos on the platform, I sent around 200 videos to review. 2. 21th February, nobody review 87 videos and since nobody review it the platform decided to delete it as the period for review is equally to the period that we have for submitting content 3 weeks. 3. 4th March, I upload again all the content plus additional videos, the latest videos sent, no matter if there were from the first batch, were reviewed but still pending 118 videos 4. 14th March, today I have still 118 pending videos that are going to be deleted the 21st March if nobody review it I would like to know why Shutterstock can delete the items without being reviewed, I found that not so professional and not good for us as contributors, if at the end we are the ones that create the content on Shutterstock, why do we received these technical support from them? no technical support since I don't have been answered by a technical expert in all my communications with Shutterstock just with people that said is going to a higher level to be reviewed. Is there anybody facing the same problem? Kind regards, Javier Ramos (abriendomundo)
  3. Where have all the titles to images gone? I thought they used to be uploaded in still images but when looking through my and others portfolios I don't see any titles, only descriptions. Did Shutterstock do away with all the titles? I take a lot of time to use up the 200 characters available which is a combination of title and description. But after I upload I only see the characters my descriptions counted. Why is Shutterstock deleting or not uploading the titles I invested so much time in? I use photoshop elements to put my metadata in file Info. Some sites separate out titles from description, others do not. How do I make it so all my titles are used? Am I going to have to just cut and paste my titles in before beginning of description in Shutterstock in order to use all my 200 characters? Or are the titles being used somehow just without anyone seeing them? If I put title in Title field and Title at start of description in meta data Info before uploading to get title in 200 characters allowed, I will most likely be deleting it from a lot of other sites or doing a lot of cutting and pasting. Any thoughts on how to solve this? Or insight into Shutterstocks thoughts on Titles? Thanks
  4. When the photo is rejected, is there any way to leave the keywords to use it again? Sometimes you working on keywords for half an hour, and your photo rejected because you forgot about tiny logo, which needs one second to fix; or there some problem with model release (when you cloning same person, and this is not enough 1 model release for the same person), but you have to make and write those keywords again! And second time you already don't want to do same great work, as you just did it a minute ago, and it was just deleted because of this easy to fix mistake. Please! Could you just leave the description and keywords of rejected photos? I think it's way easier than rewrite it again. Thank you!
  5. I uploaded a batch 154167796 (06/08/2017) with 7 photos as Editorial illustrative. the whole batch was approved, got active and then deleted several hours ago. Why could this happen? It is hard to believe in branding/logos/etc. reasons because there are approved active photos of the same locations from other contributors.
  6. Hi, I am posting from my husband's account since my account was disabled. Basically, my problems started when I created an account in December using email A, and forgot to use a referral link. I didn't go past the first step of the sign up process as I immediately remembered about the referral. I wrote an email to submit asking to add my account to the referral account. However, I read that they can take a while to respond, and I wanted to start posting photos right away. So I asked them to delete my account in another email, and created another one using email B but entering my driver's license, etc. They responded the next day and added account A as a referral too, but didn't delete it. I submitted my photos using account B and had about $16 in earnings, when I added email A as my paypal account email (which I think led to the main problem). I then asked for the account with email A to be deleted again, and it took a week for them to respond this time. What happened was that they deleted both accounts, even though I only asked email A to be deleted. I emailed from email B asking submit to restore my account, but a week has passed and I have no response from them. I have no idea what will happen to my earnings and files, but I think they will explain that to me once I get a response. I know I made some mistakes, but it is frustrating that they take so long to respond to an urgent issue. Is there anything else I can do to get a faster response? I guess there isn't, and will just have to wait until they respond. The moral of my story is to try and not have any problems or make mistakes, as it takes forever for Shutterstock to answer emails. I hope everything turns out ok, but want to warn others not to repeat my mistakes.
  7. Several days ago I uploaded images to SS but did not submit them for review immediately. During these days the uploaded images were visible in my account. Today I decided to submit them for review but all of them disappeared. Can I expect that the uploaded images will return (just as my portfolio last week) or should I upload them again?
  8. Hello to y'all, I received a mail from SS, informing me that one of my images has been removed from my portfolio: We have removed the following images that you uploaded. xxxxxxxxxxx (xxxxxxxxxxxx) deleted because: Removed- Scope Regards, ShutterStock Support I wrote to support and got no answer yet and couldn't find any info about this specific removal reason (in most cases images are rejected due to copyright issues or quality control, which is clear), what "scope" should stand for? It was a fairly good seller of mine i've lost here! :-( , at least i'd like to better understand why! thanks, Andre
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