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Found 20 results

  1. With the new earning structure even if you reach 40% with the highest level on subscription plans you wont make more than 20 cents, this is ridiculous they made a pay cut of 60%. They sell a picture on subscription plans for 50 cents on average if the buyer use all his subscription. Dont just stay there and take it, all together we can do something, Opt out of sales https://www.shutterstock.com/contributorsupport/articles/kbat02/How-do-I-deactivatedelete-my-contributor-account?l=en_US&fs=RelatedArticle I just did it myself.
  2. I would like to delete my account, but I'm not finding a button for it.
  3. i want to delete my account
  4. I would like to delete an approved video. How can I do? Thanks, ALe
  5. Good afternoon, I am wondering why I am I being sent from one person to another, with no resolution provided for my request. I've been trying to delete my account for weeks. I keep getting options and requests, but all I need is the account to be deleted? Thank you very much.
  6. its my first image and its not approved due to model release forum required, so i want to remove it and wan to add something else for approve, but how? could someone answer it?
  7. Hello All, Can anyone help me in how to delete the images from our portfolio if we dont want them any more. Thanks in advance. Regards, Sheetal
  8. Hi, Can anyone tell me where is the deleted item button (red X button)? Since there's no approved item menu in this site? It's important for me when I need to remove or replace with new item. Thanks,
  9. I would like to delete an illustration that is approved and I do not like it anymore. How can I delete an already approved photo from my gallery? Thank you
  10. Hi Does anyone ever delete images from their portfolio and if so how do you decide what to delete? The reason I ask is that since joining ShutterStock I find my photography has significantly improved, to the point where some of my earlier submissions are quite poor in comparison with my current work. Thank you Steve
  11. Hello there, Hope everyone is keeping well. Some people said that one of the reasons to our poor sales here is due to a huge amount of uploads that have flooded Shutterstock now Since nobody like to think that one's work is of no use or crappy ones. (otherwise, why bother uploading...?) Here's my question thou. We heard people criticizing others' works as crappy with no hesitation. How do you define a crappy work yourself in your own portfolio? If you have pages after pages of images that had ZERO download sitting there over a long period of time, (say a year or two or even more) Will you consider deleting those images from your portfolio or will you rather keep them hoping that it will be sold some days in the future? I know some people had said that as long as you keep the images you never know what will come by. Personally, I think those scenarios are very few and far between nowadays. It's more of a hoarder's mindset if you asked me. Given that daily sales is not a given anymore to many hardworking contributors. My own experience here is that I do have surprising substantial sales once in a long while but none of those had came from the image that had no sale record before. (In my not so big portfolio, I admit that I had about 40 crappy images that had zero download.) I had deleted those images last year (every single one of them!). I will review my own portfolio again in a few months time to see if there's any images that has no download. Personally, it helps me to present a more streamline portfolio to the buyers. Be keen to hear what your thoughts are. Cheers everyone.
  12. I deleted an image from the approved images list. Now how to remove from the gallery?
  13. Hi, I had several photos that i uploaded and when i push submit it appears that some essential keywords for that photo are removed automated and it gives error. How can we change this? I uploaded an example. as you can see for this photo the keywords that were removed are the essential keywords for this photo: studs, boots, shoes, woman. Thanks https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/ugg-womens-lilou-sheepskin-boots-isolated-555768649?src=pddxnyrTz3CzosES-_AjPg-1-0
  14. I'm sure this will have been asked before, but I wondered if anyone ever actually deletes images from their own port that haven't sold or they're not happy with. The advice seems to be on growing portfolio size, not on curating the images/files that are there. I just wondered if anyone has ever streamlined their portfolios to remove weaker images, or photos that aren't selling, to showcase their other work?
  15. Hello! It's my first time uploading in shutterstock, 10 of my images were rejected. I tried to delete the rejected images, thinking I might be able to resubmit them asap. Unfortunately, I failed. It says something about my current status that is preventing me from deleting the images. There's a note somewhere that says it'll be automatically deleted after 7 days! Does it mean I have to wait that long???
  16. I accidentally clicked on the trash can icon when in catalog manager. Is there a way to get the image back?
  17. I am just wondering. Is there any plan for cleaning shutterstock servers from old works? My portfolio isn't best one. From time to time I'm trying to delete on my own pieces of it, that don't sell but as I guess not everybody does that. Some of works on ss are not the best ones and they are here quite a while without even single sale, and lets face it, don't have much chances for one. I would gladly sacrifice few of my works for greater good. Im my opionion deleting some of old ones would make ss clearer and better for customers. On the other hand, with crazy number more than 600 thousand new images a week that would not make a big difference. What do you all think?
  18. hi everyone. this problem has been solved but i'm giving some info about my question maybe newbies get something in ss, when your surpass your minimum payout, your earnings automaticlly send to your money account. and present balance in site updates itself.
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