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Found 24 results

  1. I like this shot, but then I probably like more of what I take than is... well, anyway :0. But for me I like the contrast of the blue and green to the black or almost black, and a mysterious feeling about it. Any comments welcome.
  2. Hi, this is my first image to be submitted. Should I turn it to black and white or just keep it as it is. Do drop any critique on this photo. Thank you
  3. Good day everyone, We all know that 'noise' is one of the major issues for high rejection. But today I'm seriously confused while reading this article https://www.shutterstock.com/blog/behind-scenes-look-sweet-funny-life-family-photographer. I am personally thankful to Carrie Yuan for her amazing photography but at the same time kind of lost and frustrated to see that many of her images are over iso 500 and one of the most highly regarded one has been taken in iso 2500. I would appreciate some comments from experts in regards to what am I missing out or haven't achieved yet! Thanks everyone in advance.
  4. Hi! I'm wondering if this style would be suitable for the Shutterstock raster illustration collection? I was going for a darkish, spooky look. I do have the reference photo, these are old graves from the 1800s. Any advise welcome.

    © (c) Doug McLean

  5. This was supposed to be a mugger in an alley at night illuminated by streetlight (hence the deliberate shadows) but was rejected for "poor lighting". Any suggestions?

    © Doug McLean

  6. Hi, I submitted two batches of files with this style as illustrations. The first batch was all accepted and is now available. The entire second batch was rejected with the reason "poor execution". I re-submitted the second batch, and the entire batch was rejected with the reason "poor post processing". I thought post processing only applied to photos, and not illustrations? I did submit a reference photo for each illustration. Why would the first batch be approved without issue, and the second batch rejected with the two different reasons given?
  7. Sliced fruits background with dark background. Orange, grapefruit, lemon and mandarin
  8. Scorpio zodiac illustration of a half woman and scorpion in the woods.

    © Raphael Lopez

  9. From the album: Dark Zodiac Characters

    Scorpio zodiac illustration of a half woman and scorpion in the woods.

    © Raphael Lopez

  10. hi guys just thought I'd share that one of my clips opens the new Kanye West video 'Wolves' Thanks to Shutterstock I've managed to catch the attention of a superstar! Something to tell the grandkids right
  11. I'm still new to this and want to submit this photo (idk if it's good or bad enough). Pls help review my photo to improve it. Thanks!
  12. Faraz Khan


    Glasses with Elegancy And Style!
  13. Trying my hand at low key portrait. It is a image of old Indian man with turban. Harsh critique welcomed and much appreciated

    © gmgadani

  14. RSarkarFrame

    macro mantis

    From the album: RSarkarFrame

    © RSarkarFrame

  15. RSarkarFrame


    From the album: RSarkarFrame

    © RSarkarFrame

  16. AKart

    Evening Prague

    From the album: Other

    © All photos and designs © AK ART 2015

  17. pritmova

    Magic box

    From the album: Happy New Year series

    Cinema 4D

    © http://shutterstock.com/g/SahonDesign

  18. I've only recently started uploading footage here and I didn't understand why all of the things I uploaded isolated on 255 white came out as a nasty grey instead. They show as perfect white in the thumbnail preview and for a second before loading but once playback starts at the larger size the 255 becomes a 235 grey. After looking at other videos and finding that all of them were much darker at large size than in the preview I assumed it was an over the top watermark as other sites use. However when I looked in Chrome and Internet Explorer rather than my usual Firefox there is no such issue. I have tried disabling every addon I have as I assumed that adblock, flashblock or my video downloader plugin were probably the reason. However this has made no difference and the footage continues to play darker than it should.
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