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Found 4 results

  1. Been looking for "Danger Noodles" (that's "venomous snakes") lately to get pictures of them, specifically Water Moccasins. They're fast, aggressive, and have a deadly bite. That's what would make them such a cool subject to shoot! (With a long lens, of course!) Thought I had one in my sights today, but it turned out to be a snake here commonly mistaken for the "Cottonmouth": the Brown Water Snake (named for the color of its scales, not the color of the water!) He had his eye on me, and if you look closely, you can see my reflection in his cornea. Quick tip for identifying non-venomous snakes: they have round pupils. Danger Noodles have slit pupils. I love reptiles and think they're all beautiful! IWill trying t Still trying to decide if I should submit this. What's your favorite "Nope Rope"?
  2. This was supposed to be a mugger in an alley at night illuminated by streetlight (hence the deliberate shadows) but was rejected for "poor lighting". Any suggestions?

    © Doug McLean

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