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Found 19 results

  1. Now this lady really can think outside the box and get squirrels to dance for peanuts. Just thought I share. https://petapixel.com/2013/03/12/cute-photographs-of-a-backyard-squirrel-doing-human-things/
  2. I am preparing a submission to ShutterStock and would appreciate any feedback! This is a mixed breed puppy asleep after playing with yarn. Thank you!
  3. Shot from the city zoo. Sorry Laurin, this isn't a photography from Gothenburgs streets but i had to make sure if this suits as a stock image ore not. The critique will guide me for the future. Like critique from you others to Fernando

    © Fernando Delgado Lopes

  4. A random stray cat on my lawn one day relaxing in the grass.

    © Shane St. Louis

  5. Would this sell if uploaded as a stock image? What are your thoughts about thew image in general? I quickly snapped this on the fly when a stray cat was caught wandering around in my yard. I had only moments to adjust focal length, lock in exposure, and capture the shot.
  6. Hedgehog on a cup of tea / Acrylic Painting

    © Remiphotography

  7. so sad because my age is under 18 and i can't sell my photo huhuhu what can i do now ???
  8. I just got tired of seeing that stupid "Fringe" screencap every time I go to the Gallery & Critique forum, so I'm posting something new to cover it up. One of my drawings, scanned, and digital effects added. Any opinions?

    © Darla Hallmark

  9. Chalermchai C

    DSC 7448

    From the album: The Animal

    © Chalermchai.C

  10. Chalermchai C

    DSC 7456

    From the album: The Animal

    © Chalermchai.C

  11. Chalermchai C

    DSC 7451

    From the album: The Animal

    © Chalermchai.C

  12. Chalermchai C

    DSC 7446

    From the album: The Animal

    © Chalermchai.C

  13. Teddy cookies with a cup of tea.

    © Remiphotography

  14. Neppie91

    Xara shake

    From the album: Animals

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