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Found 8 results

  1. Seamless pattern of beige and yellow flowers and branches on a light green background. Watercolor
  2. Good day everyone! I’m giving a simple SOOC image for a new game. This image consists of 2 easy subjects, no property release issue. It is easier to cut, clone, texture or whatever your creativity excels with or without composite of your own image. Should be an ideal image for everyone to sharpen your digital art skill or advance skillful members to show your expertise. Up to you for safe keeping or submit commercially if you want to (no credit required). But........... Please share best creation for the contest here and participate to help fellow members. Closing date: One week. I hope everyone giving your part and participate to give some life to the forum. More info will be update at 'Reserved column' Note: Full metadata download at https://flic.kr/p/FPjAdX
  3. Hello everyone! Did a commercial (Non-editorial) shoot of a few friends with their signed model releases, last week. This was my first independent shoot since joining SS. Started out with some basic daily household, outdoor shots and actions. Have a few more ideas. But before I go ahead I just wanna know what people think about them. mainly to know how and where I could improve. I only use natural and ambience lighting always. I love bright colors, and my my main work is people & portraits. Its all very RAW and not polished. So any comments on composition, lighting, style, posture, and even post processing would be very helpful. Your views. Anything you would like to criticise or comment. Feel free. Thanks in advance! Some shots>>>
  4. Now this lady really can think outside the box and get squirrels to dance for peanuts. Just thought I share. https://petapixel.com/2013/03/12/cute-photographs-of-a-backyard-squirrel-doing-human-things/
  5. From the album: nature

    sunset creative click view
  6. Hey One area of photography that interests me is Fine Art Photography and Creative Composites. I'm a huge fan of Brooke Shaden, Erik Almas and Sean Mundy. These images can take hours, if not days to plan, shoot and edit. I see it as the ultimate quality over quantity way of doing things, though obviously a lot of conceptual stuff can be quite vague, and unless it's well executed, it just plain sucks. Wondering though, is it worth doing some intricate composites? I love things involving clones, floating, death, and general strangeness. But can (a well executed) composite sell? Is it important that it has a really clear meaning? I think either way, I'll be starting out with a diverse portfolio, including composites, but will adjust over time. Thanks for any thoughts on this!
  7. Saw this at a favorite site. Thought I share. https://pbs.twimg.com/tweet_video/CRTVbTEUsAAWH7e.mp4
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