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Found 9 results

  1. Can this have a negative effect on Shutterstock as an agency and us as contributors? For example, can contributing the same images to Freepik hurt our sales here since they are cheaper, but yeah, I've heard a lot of negative things about them. Thanks.
  2. So, for some time I am frustrated by the senseless rejections, and now I am beyond that point. This image below was rejected with the reason, TOO MUCH NOISE and I am kindly asking everybody to tell me, where is that awful noise? I am writing about this because I am here to learn and to progress and to make money for Shutterstock and for myself, but I am really baffled now. I have spoken to a good friend of mine who is one of those top tier stock photographers. He is making a fortune out of his portfolio, while I am making cca 30 dollars per month here. That wont be the problem, If I haven't in
  3. Hello all, need some help, it is possible that two contributors to use the same IP adress? I remember that was an issue not so long ago for someone here, thanks in advance .
  4. Just reached 8K images today morning! Wow! Thanks to SS and all of you for your support from time to time. Regards, Rudra
  5. Hello everybody, i am updating this map since i started contributing here. I guess if there would be a way to implement this into the Shutterstock contributor experience many of the contributors would love to see this. I find it very pleasing to see where in the world my photos have been bought. Cheers Martin
  6. Anyone else only getting 10 cents (US) for images and 26 cents (US) for videos? Shutterstock has not responded to inquiries as to whether they are also accepting only a few cents per download. It is unethical and likely illegal for Shutterstock to accept $79 per video while only paying out $0.26. Additionally there has been concerns raised that Shutterstock may be knowingly allowing the illegal inclusion of content into non creator/copyright-owner accounts. As a result of the extortion tactics enacted by Shutterstock I have not submitted new content for the past year, and am wo
  7. Hurray! We have sold our first video of 2021 with earnings of 50 cents. The most ridiculous thing ever just have happened and old contributors are set back to Level 1. The biggest hit in the face ever. Everyone at Shutterstock should be ashamed of themselves. Even though large selling contributors will come back to acceptable level soon, this is wrong in so many ways.
  8. Hello guys, I just wanna share my short experience as footage contributor in Shutterstock, and asking you a suggestion for future, maybe could help also some new "recruits". I have just started during half of july, uploading footages of my usual topics (nature, vegetables, food, growing food, organic food and sustainability). It seems market is not really interesting in it. I sold just 1 clip for 7 dollars (and it was a clip not of my topic: an istitutional building) on a total of 200 clips uploaded, some 4K, some slowmo, timelapse, drone footage. So, for now the balance is not so good, just c
  9. Hi friends. When uploading a vector, I get this error: "Your vector has an unexpanded pattern fill. Expand all the pattern fills and upload your file again." What must I do? I added some shapes as pattern. Must I remove them? or is there any way to pass this error?
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