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Found 4 results

  1. Hello all, I'm new to Shutterstock and did do some searching here in the forums but couldn't find the answer so please forgive me if this has been asked before. I noticed on my Public Profile settings page that I'm able to add links to Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook etc. Where do these links show up? I'm not too computer savvy so I'm not sure if I'm missing them somewhere. I've logged in under submit.shutterstock and into shutterstock.com but can't seem to find my profile page with aforementioned social media links. Any replies to this matter would be appreciated. Ron
  2. I live in Stonehaven Scotland beside the Northsea, It's further north than Moscow. A nice day is when you can't see your breath. Because of this, many of the shots I take are of boats in the harhour, and it sometime feels that no matter how hard I work at photoshoping out the logos, numbers, signs and names on the boats, and the images still get rejected over and over again! Some of my best work gets continually rejected, Sometimes, I just give up.and send in the mediocre stuff which gets accepted, WTF. The other day I spent ages positioning myself to make sure that there were no offending boat signs visible, and took lots of shots, I was really chuffed when I thought that I had managed. When I got home and looked at the images, I was horrified to see that because I was concentrating so much on the boats, that I failed to notice the van which had driven up and parked on the pier. The van driver must have stopped to grab and bite to eat and take in the view, and subsequently was in every one of my shots. So my advice is to occasionally stop looking through the viewfider in the camera, stand up and take in the bigger picture, because sometimes, you can't see the woods for the trees! Over and out
  3. Hi everyone, I am a new contributor started about a month ago, sort of learning from trial and error on most images I upload, sometimes still not understanding why some images are approved and others similar are not. Well I guess that might be a mystery that will always remain unsolved... I recently tried to upload my first set with people that required a model release. I downloaded the model release (from shutterstock), had the model sign it, I signed it, and also had a witness sign it. Double checked everything and still got a rejection due to "model release" We took another form from the internet, tried that one and still no success. Can some one advise me from their experience how to best fill them and which ones to use? I did have same pictures where the model posed in different places at the same day and I tried to have 1 form for the whole day, where I wrote in the 'Description of Scene', different scenes that we had and still had it rejected. I tried submitting it both hand written and on the computer and still no luck. Can someone maybe help out and upload a template of a model release filled out? I also read on the forums that from now on we should only use the official shutterstock form, can someone confirm that? Would appreciate if someone could give out some hints. I attached the other form I also tried using which is not from Shutterstock and it didn't work either, I like it more then the Shutterstock one and was wondering if it can be used.
  4. I am having trouble adding the 'gallery widget' to my website. It only shows an empty view and the developer tools tell me that 'embed.js' could not be loaded from the shutterstock servers. Apparently the same or a similiar issue was already brought up in this post in the forum (http://forums.submit.shutterstock.com/topic/87591-an-invalid-ssl-on-promoteshutterstockcom/?hl=embed.js), but it does not seem to be fixed. Attached you can find a screenshot of the embedded widget and the html file. I hope you can help me to get the widget to work. Best, FroeMic test.html
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