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  1. None of my content, that was approved from 04/16/2021 has not appeared in the portfolio.
  2. Hi Everyone, the review team is rejecting me some illustrations for similar content, the fact is that they are images of chemical elements in which the substance changes, for example gold silver etc etc. Is there a way to make them understand that they are totally different and that a customer may want to purchase an image for each substance? Thanks
  3. sorry please help, what is the solution if the place submits an error. as shown below:
  4. Hi everyone. I'm new here. I want to add a white background to my previous content. What should I do? Thank you in advance.
  5. Why there is not the possibility to choose the newest images from an contributor just the fake popular or what you call it now, must be a very basic and very interesting thing to see for a buyer what a specific creator has published lately...or I am wrong? At least the possibility...
  6. Shutterstock publishes monthly content guidelines that are likely to be requested in the near future. But it also means that competition for this content will increase. On the other hand, if your interests do not include follow of the best guidelines, but simply You wish to capture those photo moments that seem attractive, the content which buys the most from You can differ. In my experience there are two types of captures: in one case they buy something that is beautiful and refined, but in other cases, they buy something that is close to our daily life - sometimes it is not beauti
  7. Hello all, need help. I am totally new to Shutterstock. I have uploaded 1 month ago some videos, which were approved. Now I am trying to connect to my accont and see my videos, but I cannot find the way to do so. Can someone explain - once I have signed in successfully and that I can see my dashboard with my profile, my sales etc - how can I see the content (Videos) that I have uploded and that was accepted? nowhere I can findit. I attach the page I see for you to help me. Can someone help me please?
  8. Just a question. How do I submit my video content to my profile listing?
  9. Rejection reasons: Non-Licensable Content: Due to legal compliance restrictions, we cannot license this content in our collection. ...can anyone tell me why this was rejected?
  10. What should be the acceptable or fair number of downloads (per month) for a content?
  11. Hi fellows; A person is copying icons of people and selling it in Envato' s page. I attach his URL: https://graphicriver.net/user/iconsoul If you draw icon, look at this and complaint if it infriged your content!
  12. I am new to shutterstock, my content has been rejected under editorial submission with the following reason which I am not aware of and I have seen similar photos accepted by shutterstock. I will be really be thankful if someone can explain the reason - "Non-Licensable Content -- Due to legal compliance restrictions" Attached both the images in low resolution for reference. 1) A royal guard at Windsor Castle 2) A view of the Windsor Castle Thanks, Arijeet
  13. Hello everyone! I'm currently trying to submit some new footage that I believe is perfect for stock sales. The content has a crisp, clear image, and is in 4K quality. However, when I try to upload the clip, it gets rejected for "Noise / Artifacts / Pixelation -- Clip contains excessive noise, compression artifacts, and pixelation " . But like I said, on my end the video is perfectly clear and crisp. There's no detectable noise, artifacts, or pixelation in the video, which leads me to believe that somehow my videos are getting compressed in a strange way when I upload the file. So what p
  14. Hello, My vector has long been not in the review, why in the pending approval menu on the dashboard looks 0 when in the batches menu (status of batches upload) there are 32 pending files? i hope you can help me thanks
  15. My previously uploaded (and not submitted) images are missing from the new submit page. But they are visible in mobile view. Is it not possible to submit previously added content from the new form? I have added pictures from the new upload form and my mobile device.
  16. Hello guys, does anybody knows why the famous android figurine is not suitable as editorial content, i submitted but but rejected? i see him in dozens of editorial online publications in varied poses and settings. Are stock sites websites prohibited to sell as editorial, but magazines, online publications and news media authorized? thanks
  17. hello, I got written permission to photograph an event. The responsible persons for the event knew i was going to submit the photos to microstock websites. Recently a visitor of that event discovered her photo on shutterstock. Asked for the photos to be removed and asked for money. i said to her i got written permission to photograph and sell the images as editorial to microstock websites. What is the best answer to give when something like this happens ? Do i have to remove the photos if she wants? If the organizers of the event give in to her requests and then ask me to remov
  18. hello guys, Can every photo be sold as editorial? Examples: - the photo of my dog - the photo of a tree - the photo of my pencils - the photo of the coca-cola brand - the photo of the face of a homeless person (i ask for permission to take the photo, but don't say it's going to be sold) - the photo of the homeless but showing the street or buildings (don't asked for permission, it's from relatively far away) - the photo of a kid playing in the park with a dangerous dog (i ask for permission to parents / i don't ask for permission) - the photo of a kid playing in
  19. I am very new here and need to put my images into sets. I am trying to think of how to do that and what makes sense and helps buyers find what they need. For instance, I have beach pictures from Mexico, Australia, and the east and west coasts of the U.S. Would buyers find those better under "Beaches" or in sets for each location? The same with boats, children, etc. What works best for you? I now have 125 images and I need to get organized, I think. Thanks for any advice...
  20. Hello fellow microstockers, I have a small issue and would love some input from some more experienced members or better yet, official Shutterstock employee. Last week, I traveled to northern Romania (Maramures County) to attend the wedding of a friend. Near the location where the wedding took place one can find the "Merry Cemetary" of the village of Sapanta. So I took this opportunity to capture some editorial images of the famous wooden, blue crosses. After uploading the batch, they all got rejected for this reason: Non-Licensable Content -- Due to legal
  21. Just recently I've uploaded a photo of a dog shaking off water, but today I've made even better photo of that content type. I know we're not allowed to upload similar content. So, do I delete the previous photo and upload another one? thanks for you help
  22. I have been experiencing very slow upload speeds for as long as I have been contributing. I love Shutterstock, but the slow upload speed is really annoying and time consuming. For example, I get between 200 and 300 kbs on average, wich equals to seriously long upload time for 4K videos on other sites I average between 7-12 Mbit per sec, wich equals to blazing fast uploads. Does anyone have the same issue? and possibly a fix?
  23. Hello everyone, Every time, after submitting content to SS. When it gets approve or rejected, I receive 4 or 5 emails "Status of your recently submitted images" with the same content showing approved or rejected items. Is it a bug or is it happening only to me? Thank you in advance
  24. On Shutter some ugly algorithm for issuing the search results, gives some shit, hundreds of similars, they can not be sorted out, filters and switches are ineffective, there were some normal pictures somewhere, but it's not really possible to get to them. To me, as the buyer would be disgusted in this shit digging, I would go register on another site with normal search and content.
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