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Found 8 results

  1. Since 1 and half year i created this account but some how i dont get any single image buyer as i am doing something wrong or something else i have to do to generate income from Shutterstock. I got advice that if you take picture and submit to contribution shutterstock you will get paid for every pic which has been selected. Please guide me if some experts in this forum. I am traveller and fond of taking extra ordinary pics from my Iphone which worth of million dollars in coming year so i need support on my copyright pics if you or anyone who you know who can support me then Thanks in advance for your gentlemen gesture DharamNeeL https://www.shutterstock.com/g/DharamNeel?rid=230683507&utm_medium=email&utm_source=ctrbreferral-link
  2. Hello! I’ve uploaded a picture of my personal notes. I also uploaded a property release, but my photo is still getting rejected even with a property release. I don’t understand what the problem is? There is no other reason that is given with the rejection. I tried uploading to 2 times and both times the photo was rejected for the property release reason. Please help!
  3. I am totally confused. I have submitted this image twice. I was sure I had a drunk reveiwer the first time, but I got the same result the second time. I really do want to submit this photo, although not everyone will think it's a good one. It's not really large (cell phone photo), so I can't crop it as much as I'd like, but it's crystal clear and the model is really cute! I also didn't find a lot like it on Shutterstock. It's meaningful because the little guy is being treated like a baby with his soft blankie. The rejection reason both times was Rejection reasons (1) Objectionable Content: Image and/or metadata contains potentially objectionable content. The desciption is Adorable baby white-faced capuchin monkey in a blanket being held by woman with glitter fingerpolish in front of a bokeh outdoor background Here are my keywords: monkey, baby, cute, face, nature, hair, animal, wildlife, portrait, pet, pretty, owner, love, mammal, natural, outdoor, young, summer, small, comforting, primate, security, blankie, blanket, comical, maternal, adorable, domestic, breed, beautiful, little, furry, funny, creature, baby monkey, closeup, expression, monkeys, nurturing, species, hands, hold, baby white-faced capuchin, capuchin, fun, lifestyle, exotic, close up, sweet, carry; Hum, maybe "breed" or "love"? Do you guys see anything else before I try #3? FYI: Dreamstime just accepted this little guy. FYI 2: I submitted a small photo. The orignal shows every hair and the monkey is totally in focus.
  4. I've created 3 photo manipulated images which I've attached. I'm getting contradictory opinions from the reviewers. One is telling me to upload it into editorial the other says that I can't. I personally think this is editorial but maybe I'm wrong. Please could someone help with what I need to do. I've also attached the reviewers reason for rejection. Caption for image: THE AMERICAS, October 2017. After earthquakes and hurricanes, the americas are struck by devastating fires.
  5. Is anyone else struggling with getting their images reviewed today (2 OCT 2017)? I've posted all day and nothing is happening. I post editorial work, so I'm getting increasingly tense here. I wish these reviewers would understand that some news worthy editorial images loose relevance.
  6. For some reason. Today I've been waiting for approval on some editorial pics I've uploaded. They usually get approved quickly but today they're not. How long does it take to approve Editorial pics? I understand if commercial images take longer to be reviewed. My concern is when you created content for editorial purposes. The images lose relevance if it takes to long to be approved. Please can someone help me understand.
  7. Hi everyone! I just got accepted and I am excited here. I am having a little bit of an issue with creating a public set. I did look up the instructions and for more help but I'm not seeing exactly what they are saying to do like clicking the thumbnail of an image or images then click on "Create set". I'm sure some how I will figure this out. Like I see the accepted batch of photos, but all it showing is i can edit them or delete them individually, but nothing about adding them into a public set. (I hope I am not sounding as confusing as I sound to myself). Anywho, I truly hope to get to know many of you and I am happy to be here. Ps.. is there a trick for my profile picture? I know it's going to be a square and certain size, but it's being difficult. Looking forward to seeing you guys around and thank you! PS. Screenshot is in attatched file of the create a set thing if it helps any.
  8. Rejected for Trademark - Image or metadata potentially infringes on intellectual property rights. can't pull the keywords without opening LR right now, but there is nothing in there, just about 15-20 basic descriptors "cosmetic, care, hand, paint, nail, finger, woman, brush" does anyone see the culprit that I am missing here? It's not even a big deal as I already have at least one similar shot accepted as a horizontal composition. Partly just here to test out the new critique forum / uploading process. Thanks for any and all opinions.

    © Chris Gardiner

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