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Found 3 results

  1. Hi guys can somebody explain properly, the licensing available....sometimes is so convoluted. Recently I got a call from a media agency in town asking me to provide a MR for a model what came to their offices and start making noise. I asked them for the license as I had no clue who they are. The license was from SS but not for an media agency,instead was for a single person, and they license the photo to a government agency. I told them , hey you are a media agency with 20 employees , license that photo to the government, but you bought it as a a single user. That does not sound
  2. I've a company, my employees are designers and want to register new business account on Shutterstock. Now question is does Shutterstock require some contract or agreement between owner and employees ? Or should I create contract considering Shutterstock's contributor rules ? Already researched internet and below resource is all I've found https://www.shutterstock.com/contributorsupport/articles/kbat02/000006556
  3. I am new to Shutterstock. In fact, I haven't signed up fully yet because I'm not sure whether to sign up via my Ltd company or as a freelancer. I am hoping for some insights from other members. The company is owned by myself and my husband. No employees, just us, 50/50 ownership. The plan is for me to upload my photos and for my husband to upload his drone videos. If we sign up as our company, the company will own the copyright to anything we upload. Can anyone see any possible issues with this in the future? For example, if we were to close down the company and open a new one in a new cou
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