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Found 18 results

  1. Should i post commercial and editorial both or only commercial in my account to get a consistence sale? Since editorial images helps me to increase size of the portfolio but sales are low.
  2. I have a question about buildings that have a commercial logo as part of their architect's plans. Can they be legally removed to submit the photographs as commercial? For example, I can technically submit a skyline as a commercial. However, the photo will be refused if a logo is visible. Nevertheless, some trademark are part of the architect's plans (since the building is usually commissioned by a company) and therefore should be protected against alterations? Do you know if it's legal to remove it for commercial use? What do you do when you face that dilemna? Thanks for your answer...
  3. Hi all, This is a very basic question and is probably covered in a forum elsewhere that I can’t find. I’m new to Shutterstock and I understand the difference between commercial and editorial images, but I was wondering whether commercial images could be used for editorial purposes? I understand that editorial images cannot be used for commercial purposes, but was wondering if the opposite was true for commercial ones. The reason I ask is that I’m focused on wildlife, landscape and nature photography, many of which would be suited to editorial requirements but also commercial. I’m uploading as commercial images - would this limit their potential usage by editorial clients? Thanks in advance for your help and sorry if this is a stupid question - only created an account yesterday so very new to the Shutterstock world!
  4. Hello everyone. Small question, do you earn more money with commercial or editorial photos? Thank you in advance for taking the time to answer me.
  5. Hello to all! I would like to know (because so far and after everything I read on Shutterstock, it´s still not very clear to me) all the usage for commercial photos? Can they also be used for editorial purposes? I understand that editorial stock photography cannot be used for commercial ends, but what about the opposite? Thank you so much for your help,
  6. Hello friends..I am pretty new here. I am a designer and I just create illustrations. Should I select editorial or commercial for my uploads ? Which is the best approach Thanks
  7. Curious, If one has a video rejected due to visible trademark, Is there a simple way to just flip it to editorial? Or do I have to go thru the whole process of uploading etc etc.? thanks
  8. I just watched this video on youtube, it is an interesting story of a stolen photo , it was used as a commercial image, a lots a prints and followed by an expencive lawsuit.
  9. Hello everyone I am new to submitting content to Shutterstock and I wish to submit photography for both commercial and editorial use. The options on the upload page that may fit this description are 'illustration' and 'editorial use only' do I pick either/both/or should I choose neither? Is it better not to tick either of these options if you wish to have your images used for both commercial and editorial? Apologies if this seems a daft question - I thought there would be a 'commercial' use button in the section if so. Many thanks in advance. B
  10. Hello everyone! Did a commercial (Non-editorial) shoot of a few friends with their signed model releases, last week. This was my first independent shoot since joining SS. Started out with some basic daily household, outdoor shots and actions. Have a few more ideas. But before I go ahead I just wanna know what people think about them. mainly to know how and where I could improve. I only use natural and ambience lighting always. I love bright colors, and my my main work is people & portraits. Its all very RAW and not polished. So any comments on composition, lighting, style, posture, and even post processing would be very helpful. Your views. Anything you would like to criticise or comment. Feel free. Thanks in advance! Some shots>>>
  11. I've created 3 photo manipulated images which I've attached. I'm getting contradictory opinions from the reviewers. One is telling me to upload it into editorial the other says that I can't. I personally think this is editorial but maybe I'm wrong. Please could someone help with what I need to do. I've also attached the reviewers reason for rejection. Caption for image: THE AMERICAS, October 2017. After earthquakes and hurricanes, the americas are struck by devastating fires.
  12. Hi, am I allowed to upload the same picture once as editorial and once as commercial? Shouldn't that increase the probability of selling the picture or getting it recognized?
  13. Hi there, I've been travelling for 20 months and I have a bunch of picture to upload now. My question is simple: A big part of them are landscapes, wild animals and culture activities. Should I sell them as commercial or editorial? What would you advise me? Could sell them in both? Thanks.
  14. Hello everyone! I recently started to upload a lot more editorial images to my portfolio and I've been noticing a huge boom in sales. I was wondering, in your own personal experience, if you have had a better overall success selling editorial images vs selling commercial images. Do you sell more editorial than commercial? If so, do you believe it is in your special case or are editorial pictures overall better to sell because of the lack of their implied copyright restrictions? I understand there can be a plethora of reasons for why each type of image sells better but I'm mostly curious about your personal successes with each type of image. Thanks
  15. Any idea how to get this type of image accepted. Even though I submit it as "editorial use" it still gets rejected for "copywrite infringement" yet I see many others that plainly show the make and model. This has been going on for years but I am finally asking because I see so many others listed.
  16. Hi I uploaded 175 vectors to shutter stock and unfortunately by mistake I put yes to editorial but all the submitted images are commercial. After approval when I edit them the editorial option was locked. So is there any way to change this. Thanks in advance.
  17. A digital constructed watercolour image using PS brushes and filters (coloured pencil, cutout and watercolour)
  18. Not sure whether its allowed to laid the original b&w photo behind the new line drawing
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