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  1. A gorgeous beauty on flower. common silverline ( cigaritis vulcanus )

    © jitender kumar

  2. beautiful indian fritillary butterfly sitting on leaf . ( argynnis hyperbius ).

    © jitender kumar

  3. orange oakleaf butterfly sitting on green leaf ( kallima inachus )

    © jitender kumar

  4. beautiful common jezabel (delias eucharis) butterfly.
  5. From the album: Photo Critiques

    Maui, Hawaii

    © Laurel King Photography

  6. Hello, I'm new to this forum, but have a few questions, and hope you wil help me :-). I was told - no persons in photos without a relase or you have to make the photo editorial. Therefore i have only uploadet noperson photos till now. I have now tried to upload a few with persons as editorial and was rejected. Where do SS draw the line accepting photos with people for commercial use. the noperson photos from the same series was accepted :-) I have enclosed 2 of the photos here. The next thing - What can i do to make them better next time (composition, perspective, motive - anyt
  7. From the album: Aris Abdullah

    please critique the sharpness of the image of friends asking for forgiveness during Eid celebration in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  8. I took this picture for practice with my new camera
  9. I took this picture for practice with my new camera
  10. From the album: Nature Northern of Thailand

    Red Flower in the garden
  11. Two dragonflies attached while resting on a plant.

    © K Conkling

  12. I was wondering - is there a place on Shutterstock for images that are purposefully edited for a soft focus, such as this flower "banner"? If so, what would I submit it under? Or do they only want tack sharp images? Thanks!
  13. bee on spring time seeking food
  14. Shot this lifeguard stand on Miami Beach. canon 5dsr and 70-200mm. Added light with profoto b2. link... www.shutterstock.com/pic-401661421

    © felix mizioznikov

  15. From the album: Geneva by night

    Poor lighting-image has exposure issues. unfavorable lighting condittions and/or incorrect white balance. Trademark-image / Metadata potentially. My city doesn't have white lights, and why couldn't it be artistically possible to leave the original colors ? Thanks for your comments, I need to improve my accepted files ratio :-)

    © cedric gelissen

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