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Found 44 results

  1. From the album: Prints

  2. I have filmed with my hero 6 in protune and used flat color. Should I color grade it before uploading? for me, I see the person taking my footage will color grade it in is project. I just wonder if I will be rejected for some technical issue. thank you ps - found this but no answer https://forums.submit.shutterstock.com/topic/97608-do-i-need-to-color-grade-images/?tab=comments#comment-1769664
  3. Hi, I need to help and guide . I am contributor on shutterstock from 2015, I have above 4500 images( mostly Backgrounds). But sell is very low. average 3 /6 dollars a months . Can any on check my portfolio. What is wrong with me or my work. How can improve my sell . Pls Thanks Masum-gdtech The background below 1 time sale
  4. From the album: My Landscapes

    Cotton field waiting for picking..

    © CR Photography

  5. Hello! I'm working with Shutterstock for the second year, but is the first time that I met so mass rejections situation. And I don't understand why it happens. I'm checking the files with the requirements more than once. Resubmiting more than once. But among 40 files with absolutely identical color settings there is 20 approved files and 20 rejected. All rejections - for the one same reason - "the JPEG preview does not match the EPS file or is low resolution." In eps (in all objects) and in jpg - same color model, RGB. Eps and jpg is looking exactly the same - I checked it with different programs. File size - 6250x6250 px. So it can not be either? Sometimes the support center advises just to resubmit the files if it were rejected by mistake. But if it's really a mistake - I'm very concerned about the number of rejections which sometimes accumulates in the profile. I have done a lot of materials, but I can't download it when the approving system is so unstable. And when it's impossible to understand - when the file will be approved and when will be rejected - even if it is the same file prepared according to the requirements and with the same settings. Recently I contacted with support center, but I hear nothing but obvious (I read about it in articles and on the forum many times already). All about standart requirements what I already follow in all files. It's doesn't help. But I really want to solve this problem. What should I do for this? Or what can we do together? Thank you in advance for your attention. I really love working with Shutterstock and I want to stay here in future. But now it's so much causeless loss of time and my hands are falling. Please, help!
  6. Hello all... I've a query.. What displayed on the (Nikon D5500) camera display looks bit different when viewed on the Acer laptop screen, again when the same laptop is connected via HDMI to Sony Bravia television for editing.. that comes up with different Contrast, vividity and color temperature... After editing keeping television quality as base... The same looks different on different screen... It looks different in Motorola and then in iPhone... And definitely it's going to be different again when it gets printed.. The Question is this how you guys tackle this situation and what you guys make the base.. How to calibrate the display of my laptop so as to give the actual colors and it's effects... PS : of the television display modes... I keep that at "Photo Standard" and not vivid or something like that...
  7. Hey guys, have any of you noticed a difference in your video clips being purchased at a higher rate if they've been color graded or left flat? Thanks
  8. Good afternoon to everybody. I have registered on this website to upload my videos made with a Phantom 4 Pro. I always record in manual mode and in D-Log. What I do not have clear is, when it comes to selling my video clips, it has more sale than a video clip in D-Log or it is necessary that you make a color correction and then put the clip on sale. I mention this for several issues: -If I do not do a color correction, the file will not have to go through any editing software, that is, I will upload it to the web that was recorded with the Phantom, without any loss of quality. -If I do a color correction, the clip looks much nicer, but once exported it does not have as many editing possibilities. The question is, a level of sales, to have more chances to sell a clip. It is better to upload the clip that you sell from the board in D-Log, or make a color correction to "look" more attractive. I hope you understand my doubts. Best regards, Alejandro.
  9. Digital art of the streets at South Beach Miami
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