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Found 6 results

  1. Hi I want to add my short animated subscribe buttons to my portfolio. I would like to offer a few together as one collection, is this possible? I just don't think it's fair a customer would have to pay as much as a full clip at 4k for one single animated button, but it seems this is the way others have done it. Could I create a video file with a few of the animations running one after each other so the customer can trim to the clip they want to use easily? Many thanks
  2. Hello to the whole shutterstock community I am new here and I appreciate the functionality of the site ! My name is Anthony and I live in the South of France, I am passionate about the sea and the landscapes of nature. I find it soothing and comforting I would like to have your opinion on my small collection and receive your advice and criticism to progress I love the photo, but I am a self-taught and I do not know how to go about presenting the photos. For example, I don't know if my descriptions are relevant, if the tags are interesting or not ... What do you think of
  3. I created some Collections / Clipboxes on my video portfolio a while back. In the interim, I've shot loads of content which I'd like to add to their respective collections but I just can't seem to figure it out, either from the SS landing page or the Contrib page. Can't drag and drop, no "add to collection" option / button while editing footage or after approval. It seems that once a collection is created it can't be added to. Using Safari & Chrome on Mac if that makes any difference. Video seems to be the poor relation in SS world - still no location tags on video sales, lots of bugs
  4. Hello All, Can Anyone please help me out. Why the below image got rejected with this error. Its 3d painting in Dubai Mall, gold souk, I have submitted as an editorial one. Please let me know in which category I should put this to approve this image.: Non-Licensable Content -- Due to legal compliance restrictions, we cannot license this content in our collection.
  5. Hi guy's I just made my first 'sets' .. I have no idea why i made them lol. What are they for? Why can i track them? Does it improve sales? Please tell me some more about this? Thanks a lot!
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