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Found 10 results

  1. Why is H265 not supported. We are in the 4k age now, yet you only support outdated codes like H264? This forces us to encode using prores, which increases bitrate by 400% (adding in bitrate that doesnt exist in the original clip) even on the lowest setting. This increasing file size by 4X, which increases upload time, wasting bandwidth, increasing download time for your reviewers, increasing review time. The benefits are clear but I dont see it on the list? http://www.shutterstock.com/contributorsupport/articles/kbat02/000006587 All because you don't have a tech team that follows the latest trend in technology? So here ill do it for them, even though it still wont make a difference as you guys hardly have the ability to reply to emails on a good day. http://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/h-265-hevc-encoding-explained/ http://www.cnet.com/news/what-is-hevc-high-efficiency-video-coding-h-265-and-4k-compression-explained/ http://www.divx.com/en/software/technologies/hevc The facts of not supporting one of the best compression formats currently available are clear. But again, you peopel hardly reply to emails, so even seeing H265 in the next 10 years will be a miracle in itself....
  2. Hi, with the camera and some time lapse, I make several videos of an average duration of ten seconds, all in HD quality, 25 frm, and then send them to videostock agencies. These videos generally have a weight ranging between 50 and 200 m./byte. Their customers also demand excellent compression qualities with minimal information loss. They would use them not so much on Youtube or similar channels, but on computers, for their professional use. One of these agencies invited me to reflect on the possibility that the version of the ProRes codec (which I use with Shotcut in combination with the Mov format) on some of their customers' computers, could change the color range that, as requested by them, I set in REC.709. Remaining on the color range REC.709, for the use I have to make of them, which combination of Codec and Format do you recommend, among those currently available in Shotcut? Thanks.
  3. Hello! For about 3 years, I uploaded video on the Shutterstock with the following parameters: File Format - QuickTime .mov Frame Rates - 30 Resolution - 1920х1080 Channels - RGB+Alpha channel Codec - PNG Until October 2018 there were no problems with these videos. For almost 2 months now, when trying to upload such videos to Shutterstock, they do not appear in pending, but an error message appears: "We do not currently support the codec of your video. Please re-export to one of our accepted codecs. Learn more about our technical requirements." I did not change anything in the render settings of my videos. And on all other microstock this files are uploaded without any problems. I tried to upload those videos that are ALREADY in my portfolio, but nothing changes. Video does not appear in pending, and I see the same error. I have contacted Shutterstock technical support 3 times already. I am constantly asked to read the technical requirements that I know and do everything in accordance with them. When I send details with screenshots about how I make videos, they tell me "I would like to inform you that your case has been escalated to the concerned department on priority basis and I will get back to you as soon as I get the update and assist you further." And this is all - further silence and ignore. I sent an example of such a video to tech support so that they could tell what technical requirement was not met. But there is no answer and probably will not be. Why am I sure that the problem is on the side of Shutterstock: 1 - I uploaded these videos for about 3 years - no problem. I haven't changed anything in settings since then. 2 - Even previously approved similar videos are not uploaded - the same error. 3 - There are no problems with all the other leading microstocks (Pond5, Adobe, Videohive, 123rf). I just want to ask if anyone has encountered this problem? If so, maybe you solved it somehow? Thanks
  4. My Codec is png .My file is alpha +RGB. format file is QuickTime Why not to upload VDO. I try 2 option to upload FileZilla Cyberduck not work a both I ask Shutterstock Contributor Expert. He say wait technician answer so he contact back. I wait so long time no body contact comeback.
  5. I need a little help. My 5D MarkIV clips are 4K in the MOV file, can you help me step by step to choose the best Codec in PremierePro? Do you go with H264 or PhotoJpeg. Since I do not have iMac I can not in ProRes on PC, which is the best Codec in Windows PremierePro and it can be the best quality? Some suggestions to be seen on youtube, step by step to export to the best codec for Windows?
  6. Hi everyone! i have some questions about making clips with timelapse. So i have many of hi-res photos. 1) What resolution would be better? Which one is the most popular? Of course it will be 4k, but which one? 4096x2160 or 3840X2160? 2) FPS. Which one is popular? I can do any fps, shorter and faster clip with 59,94fps, or longer with maybe 23,98fps. Buyer can change fps, for example, 59,94 to 29,97, to slow down a clip without frame lost. But, honestly, is there every buyer can do this right way? 3) CODEC. I havent' mac, so i can't encode with ProRes (or i can but dont know how?). So, which one is good for fast moving objects? (h.264 with 100% quality is a disaster). Can shutterstock recognize an uncompressed YUV 8-bit 4:2:2? If would be great if shuttterstock support can answer for this questions. Contributors, if you can help with some questions or you have statistic for choosing resolution and fps, you are welcome! Sorry for my bad English.
  7. Hello, I found this file -> http://www.shutterstock.com/video/clip-7974475-stock-footage-two-males-going-in-profile-on-alpha-channel-file-format-mov-codeck-png-alpha-use-these.html And I'd like to know how I can render video with Alpha Channel and transparent grid included. I've already tried to do it myself, but when I render to MOV file with PNG codec and Alpha Channel I get black solid background. How I can get a transparent grid inside file? What settings should I use?
  8. I use the codec Apple ProRes (422-4444) for footages. File size in this case is very large, approximately 3,5 GB in 30 seconds. Do not scare a buyer file size? Codec H.264 will weigh 300Mb. It may be better to use it? A small file size does not scare the buyer? How should I proceed?
  9. I use the codec Apple ProRes for footages. File size in this case is very large, approximately 3,5 GB in 30 seconds. Do not scare a buyer file size? Codec H.264 will weigh 300Mb. It may be better to use it? A small file size does not scare the buyer? How should I proceed?
  10. Hi, maybe my question is a very basic thing, I'm a neewbee. How shall I add Quicktime codec to the MOV file? Thanks for any help
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