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Found 8 results

  1. Just curious on what people think about this one. I feel it maybe a tad over processed ?

    © Keith Donegan

  2. Hi, I'm very new to this and would appreciate honest criticisms and suggestions. I'm concerned about noise and everything else, really. Thank you in advance! Kim

    © Kimberly Boyles

  3. Hi all. My photos taken when the sky is white and overcast just aren't very inspiring. Sometimes there's a bluish color cast to the image and the colors don't look natural. Here are the things I've tried so far - set the white balance on my camera (canon 70d) for cloudy and removed color casts and adjusted the color temperature with Lightroom. I've tried warming up the colors with Photoshop and Nik filters. All to no avail. The colors are still dull. I just want the image to look like a 'natural' cloudy day, but I can't see to retain the colors that my eyes see. Any suggestions?
  4. In a world that moves fast and everything has to be new and shiny, stopping and taking a moment can show the old can be amazing too

    © Clive Liddiard

  5. Fauve


    From the album: Nature

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