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Found 16 results

  1. Just wanted to take a minute and get opinions from some of the forum regarding this amazing view to be caught just before sun up on a Colorado Winter morning.
  2. I currently have 2 external hard drives I use for backup, one at home and one at work. Periodically, update and swap them, so I can always have two copies. But I often forget, or put it off, and recently misplaced one of them. So now I'm considering storing everything online. Currently I pay $9.99/mo for Lightroom and Photoshop, which includes 20 GB free. For an extra 9.99/mo they offer 1 TB of cloud storage. Problem is, as far as I can tell, you can't upload folders, only files, and my work is organized into separate folders based on year and month. So I'm considering other options. D
  3. This is my review of the new cloud based version of Lightroom CC, the cloud based version aiming mostly mobile users. I would like to exchange opinions with other users
  4. From the album: Clouds

    At balaju ,Kathmandu
  5. From the album: Clouds

    Balaju , kathmandu
  6. I am preparing a submission to ShutterStock and would appreciate any feedback! This is a rock climber on top of a pinnacle near Rocky Mountain national park. Thank you!
  7. http://www.shutterstock.com/pic.mhtml?id=490510798 this is my No.1001 picture in my file after 6 month...
  8. Metallic blue helicopter in flight against a blue sky with cloud. Motion blur on rotors (Day, Exterior, Full)
  9. Mont-Blanc

    © (C) Louis-Martin Carrière all rights reserved

  10. Aiguille de Midi above Chamonix. So is this a photograph or an illustration?
  11. Hoping to get a little feedback on one of my latest submissions. Taken on a trek up to the top of Bali's volcano peak. Think it's viable? And if not/so then thoughts on why? Thanks!

    © Ben Hoy-Slot

  12. Stunning view in National park of Abruzzo, Italy
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