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Found 12 results

  1. Nice having the video sales on the map, but from contributor perspective will be much more useful additional statistics related to the sales that pointless dots on the map. This feature was prommises few years back and still "video earnings not available". undesratnding what sold a clip will provide us better insights on customers mind therefore generating business for shutterstock AND contributors.
  2. Hi, I know that the first frame is used to show what content the clip has. Is it possible to use another frame as posterframe which gives a better representation of the clip then the first frame? And if so, can that be done after the clip is rendered? Or do I have to do that in my NLE. I'm using Davinci resolve 16.1 Studio version.
  3. a couple of clips refused because (and it is not the first time) Rejection reasons (1) Mature Content Designation: This content must be designated as “Mature Content.” but this "mature content designator" is not applicable for videos 2 weeks ago i asked shutterstock to clarify, never received a reply.
  4. Hi, I am having an issue with submitting video, and I have no idea what's wrong : 1. I use the same FTP program and settings (Filezilla) as for my photos. My photos appear in "submit photos", but my video clips don't. So I suppose my upload settings are correct. 2. Clips upload in a normal way, and Filezilla reports "upload successful". 3. I wait for 24 hours, 3 days, 1 week ... the clips do not appear on the page "submit video". 4. My clips are part of a series, all rendered on the same day with the same settings, and a few months ago, I could submit them and they were accepted. They also are of the same size and length. So if 3 months ago, similar clips were OK, and my Filezilla settings are OK, what can be wrong ? I have been trying every week for more than a month now, and they never appear on the "submit video" page. Any suggestions are VERY welcome!
  5. Hi everyone Anybody could explaining me what is going on with SS system? I have clips approved from 03/12/2018 and up to now it is not showing! We're sorry, this clip is no longer available. It's really frustrating. =/
  6. compared with before, looks like review time for clips is slowing down. i have clips pending from nov 4 while photos are reviewed in few hours
  7. Why are we starting to get so many $1.80 royalties on quality HD footage sales. Today's is very desirable and sellable clip of a baby on heart monitor equipment in ICU hospital. A clips when discounted was well worth $100 and up easily. This is discouraging and see NO reason to discount to this level. It hurts everyone. With quality clips this kind of mass discount makes little sense. Of course I'm not the CEO but I am a savvy and very successful businessman outside of the video industry. https://www.shutterstock.com/video/clip-1985917
  8. As someone has mentioned in another post... a LOT of footage previews are not loading up.. when you hover over, all you get are black screens, some load up after awhile, but most not at all... this can't be good.. what buyer is going to wait for a clip to load only for it to never load..or just be a black screen. This is all over the buyers site as well, plenty of clips just not able to be viewed no matter how long you wait for them to load up.. PLEASE look into this.. I have spoken to other contributors... both in australia and UK.. all experiencing the same thing and all said the same words "thought it was just the computer playing up"... that can't be coincidence... See screenshot for exactly what happens.. Thanks
  9. It is interesting who buys animation on stocks. Where do they use animation? For what aims. Which your animation has been downloaded recently? Please, show us! And maybe you know how to find where your animation is used? There are my animation clips https://www.shutterstock.com/video/gallery/4154929?language=en And only one has been downloaded, and it was after Halloween this one. https://www.shutterstock.com/video/clip-20364886-stock-footage-black-flock-of-bats-crosses-the-screen-halloween-transition.html?src=gallery/w3CEMxpp_1ssQKX1lmIrEA:1:13/3p It is simple transition, maybe it has been used in some advertisement of tattoo salon? Or some presentation about bets? It is interesting to me to hear you things about animation footage using!
  10. Anyone else getting VERY inconsistent curation of footage approval? Been here since 2006 submitting footage and now getting very fast curation but rejections that are without bearing. Seems like editorial no longer being accepted. Even with model release attached the rejections say rejected needs model release. Editorial with appropriate byline rejected as needing property releases when there are probably millions of similar type locations accepted. Extremely slow ftp upload speeds plus mass rejections too bad that other agencies are selling the same clips that are being rejected. Great to have fast curation now but really? I see senior footage leadership and people at SS have quit and moved on. Some had been there for many years. Is this a new management direction or a lack of curation training? Frustrating and VERY expensive uploading through my slow ISP and time shooting, travel, equipment and data entry to get such inconsistant rejections like I haven't seen in the last ten years.
  11. Now shutterstock is very fast in reviewing video clips but looks like with the new reviewers becomes more difficult to have clips accepted. normally i had 90% of clips accepted but in the last days only 50%. Anybody else noticed this ?
  12. How do you change metadata for rejected footage clips? The email notifications only list the SS reference number so there is no way for me to backtrack to my CSV and know which clips have been rejected so i can make the changes? Ideas?
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