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Found 7 results

  1. Can you guys tell me, which kind of video sells better on shutterstock. Or show me your top sold video/videos on shutterstock.
  2. Hello, As it is implemented now, you must search from drop down menu for the category and select it. My proposal is that when you open the menu and press a letter for example "i" to jump to categories starting with i , in this case Industrial for example. This way the submitter workflow can be improved. I believe this not require a big change (from programming point of view). As I remember this feature was available before the design changed. Thank, and have a nice day, Bogdan
  3. Is it the new with one category when submitting and after ok select another category? And yes the sales has stopped, thinking of other sites if not get to usual dls...
  4. I am not seeing the image edit page now that had the ability to add a second category, rather now looks like the submission page where, to my knowledge, you can set only one. Delliberate system change? Problem? Senior momrnt...?
  5. Hi all, I hope someone can help. I normally submit 3D renders to shutterstock which would mandatorily need "3D render" in the title as well as in the keywords as well as add them to the illustration designation. I have recently tried taking photographs to combine with 3D renders to create final composites and I have labelled them the same as I do with 3D renders and add them to the illustration category, but they all got rejected. Should these just be submitted as a normal photograph would or is there some other way it should be done?
  6. Hi, sometime it's really hard to understand in which category my pictures have to be placed on submission, if I choose a wrong category the picture is rejected. So I was trying to look for similar images on SS and check if there is any information about CATEGORY between all data related to a certain image, but I couldn't find it. Is there any way to see in which category an image was submitted? Tnx
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