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Found 18 results

  1. Is there a way to order the sets within the catalog manager, in the left panel? They are ordered by the creation date, which makes it very difficult to find the sets I want
  2. Hi! Is anybody know, where can I see the upload date for images that haven't sold yet? Some time ago it was possible to see it in Portfolio->Approval Status tab, but now this tab removed. If now it is impossible, is it possible to add such feature to the catalog manager?
  3. Hi guys, a simple question ... How I can identify which images are not into a set? Moreover, msg for "Mr Shutter Stock" can you add "Select ALL" buttong please?
  4. Hello, I've recently checked back on my account to see if any of my photos that I'd uploaded a long time ago had traction. Weird thing is my photos are "approved" but they can't be found anywhere. Even weirder I have a $2 sale... with no photos?? Here's the file that was sold ; http://www.shutterstock.com/pic.mhtml?id=275502545 And here is my empty portfolio ; http://www.shutterstock.com/g/Osman+Kalkavan Help me solve this mystery please
  5. Hey, I uploaded few footage clips to be verified by Shutterstock. I successfully got verified and I have approved my clips - it was between 6-10.01.2017 Now I would like to start selling this content, but I cannot see it in CM. I read on many topics, that I should wait up to 72h. So I was waiting, but still, nothing happened. Then I decided to write directly to submit@shutterstock.com and have no answer from them. I am very patient, but every day I have less motivation. Please help me Regards, Monika
  6. Good morning, today i've noticed one annoying thing. The informations of the set that i chose to track in my main page, show different information of the same set in the catalog manager. Sample with ipotetic fake numbers: set "food" in main page -50 ithem -65 downloads -$150,00 earning set "food" in catalog manager -50 ithem -70 downloads -$175,00 earning I'm talking about old sets that have the same images with same downloads from long time, so it can't be some slow update informations problem... which one is right?
  7. Hi, I have some images that got approved, but non of them appear in catalog manager, so I cannot arrange them into sets... I also noticed it says "Released, N" - but not sure if its required and how to make it released, not a very intuitive interface. What am I missing?
  8. While some of the links to my sets in catalog manager are fine, I'm unable to share or to follow the link to some of the others. The message 'sorry, we can't find the set you're looking for' comes up. I've emailed but haven't had any sensible reply. Can anyone help?
  9. Hello. tell me to the beginner. In my directory, the most popular pictures are displayed first in a private office. That is, the first row of files sold. And among them appeared works which as though not sold. In any case, their sale is not recorded anywhere else. What's this? I apologize for the English.
  10. Hello, I'm new in Shutterstock. I have 97 clip approved, but in the catalog manager I can't see of it all. And one more question, if I just upload and not sets my clip in catalog manager, Is my clip unpublished and have not entered into the marketplace? Because until now nobody saw my clip. Thanks, Albertus Luki
  11. Hi everyone! I'm quite new to Shutterstock.com today and yesterday I uploaded some photos to keep my portfolio updated. and yes! I've got and email today which tells me that my photos have been approved to publish but the problem is... all those recent approved photos don't show in the catalog manager at all. From my experience, the approved photos is automatically show in the Catalog Manager once I got an email from Shutterstock. Is that a bus or something goes wrong? or I have to wait at least for a day?
  12. Hi I noticed that description is wrong in a few photos I uploaded last time and when I go to the catalog manager and edit the text I cant submit and save the changes. I have tried multiple times with different browsers but the changes wont save. Anyone else having this problem ?
  13. Hi, I have made my sets Pulic by Publishing it under the Actions however in the main contributor page its constantly syaing " Your Public Sets Go to the Catalog ManagerYou haven't made any of your sets public. Please go to the Catalog Manager to create sets and make them public. Why is it saying this again and again and there has been NO profile biews at all. so where am i going wrong? Help will be appreciated Thanks Papiya
  14. There should be a catalog manager to video to make it more easy to find and edit our video description, keyword, and other stuffs. Thank you.
  15. Hello all, I have uploaded only photos (and some illustrations) to my portfolio, but when I go to the Catalog Manager all the photos are all listed under Vectors (and the illustrations under Illustrations), but I don't even have a Photos section. Any idea why is this and how to change it? Other question I have is regarding the Public Sets. What does it mean to make a set public? No more earning for those photos? How do you mark a set as public, just publishing it? Thanks a lot for your help! Martin
  16. Hi, I 'm contributor from 2 months ago , I uploaded about 40 videos but I can not access the Catalog Manager. When I try shows me the following message: The Catalog Manager doesn't support managing clips at the moment. In the meanwhile, you can edit your approved clips on the Approved Footage page. I tried to access many times during this time but It always reports this error. Someone knows what may be the problem and how to fix it? Thanks!
  17. Hello, I'm a new contributor here on Shutterstock and I was wondering how I can make public sets. I've been referred to the Catalog Manager, but when I do that, I can't select or make anything. (see image: ) So how am I able to make myself a set? Also my approved images aren't in my portfolio, but they are online...?
  18. Dear Friends, I am new to SS infect new to Stock Photography. I am happy to share that i got accepted as a contributor on first attempt. I want to see my online images which got accepted. I can see them in Portfolio->Approval Status ( Images) area but do we have any section where i can see which are my images are online and number of views etc. I am also not able to create set using Portfolio -> Catalog manager. I am getting error when i click on this "The Catalog Manager doesn't support managing clips at the moment." Not sure what does this mean. Can someone please help me here or provide me the link /forum to understands portfolio management ? Thanks in advance. Have a great weekend. A fellow contributor Jainendra
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