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Found 23 results

  1. Hey guys... Do you think canon 6D Mark ii still worth to buy, I have a canon 700D, want to upgrade to Full frame canon camera, I research lots of mirror less canon, but it seems beyond my budget. My target is EOS R but I don't think I can make it. Price difference is too high. Please suggest me one. Maybe I need only a camera body at present as I have few lenses that work fine for fullframe camera.
  2. Sigma 20mm F1.4 Art DG HSM for Canon - Very sharp at f1.4 I just bought the Sigma 20mm F1.4 Art DG HSM for Canon and below are some of the results, all shot at f1.4. I bought the lens to try some Milky Way astrophotography. Canon 5D III Aperture priority at f1.4 Handheld Auto focus 100 ISO (except for escalator 400 ISO)
  3. Hi, i am relatively new to the community so i thought id say hi and discuss the gear that i am using at the moment. With Photography being the expensive hobby that it is i was hoping people could comment on my thoughts moving forward regarding cameras and lenses. I currently shoot using my old Canon 350d. It may be old but it does give me the full manual control that i want. I recently paired this old camera with the new canon 50mm 1.8 stm and it has changed the way i think about this old dslr. My main questions is about moving forward with my camera body. I have done my research and the canon sl2/200d seems to be a lot of camera for the price. My main reason for wanting to change is the poor performance that the 350d had in low light and how noisy the images are at any iso higher than 200. Would a more modern 200d perform drastically better with its higher iso settings? If anybody could have a look at my current library and give some quick tips it would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  4. Hi everyone. My name is Max. I'm new photographer. Today I use my canon 70d for stock photo but i want to upgrate to full frame camera. Yeaterday I seen a secound hand camera It's Canon 5D classic 12mp.It's very cheap. How Do you think about it. It's ok form stock photo? And Do you think that high quality cameras affect the sales of images? Thank you.
  5. Hello, I just got my Xti from mpb on Monday. I have gotten several error 99s. I just shut her off, take out the battery, wait and boot it up again. Yesterday, my LCD went black and the camera would not take pictures. It would show the settings in the view finder and if set it to auto the flash would blink rapidly like it was preparing to shutter. I removed the card, battery, and lens and let it sit over night. It works again today. Anyonehave any advice? I do have spare batteries coming today. Perhaps it is an old battery issue? Google was not helpful. I contacted mpb already to see what they advise, but wondered if you all had any ideas?
  6. Epson or Canon Printer Epson or Canon for 13" prints. B+W and Color. Pano capability (roll paper). Canvas capability.
  7. I am currently thinking about a gear upgrade - as I am on tight budget, however, it would have to be a very modest one. I was thinking going from 700D (Rebel T5i) to 750D (Rebel T6i). Do you think it is worth it? a look in my portfolio shows what I shoot most - children sports and "studio" (if you call a table, cheapest tripod and DIY lamp a studio) food, with some insect macro here and there If you feel like suggesting some other way to go, please feel free to do so, but my budget is just high enough to cover the difference between used 700 and new 750, please keep that in mind. Thanks for any insights.
  8. Hi, I had the unfortunate incident in the weekend when my D3300 was dropped and no longer works. As unhappy as I was at the time I realized how much I enjoyed shooting with it. Instead of looking to buy the same camera I am seeing this as an opportunity to upgrade.! I had only owned my cameras for a few months so still exploring. I had bought a couple of lenses (35mm Nikon prime, Tamron 70-300mm) so not spent any mass amount on them but my question is this, as I have been looking into upgraded version, either D5500 or D7100/D7200 second hand I am trying to keep the price under £1000 and as I have not spent too much on lenses might also consider moving to Canon or Mirrorless and sell the lenses I have on ebay . At the moment I don't have a particular subject for what I shoot. I am not into Weddings or Portraits, nor did I find myself climbing high mountains to get that great scenic shot (not yet anyway). However, Scenery/Landscapes do attract to me so will probably continue with that. Street photography I would feel awkward taking photos of random people and can be quite frowned upon in the UK. I would like to take the camera with me on city break holidays as I have a few trips lined up for later this year. I keep finding myself watching reviews on the Mirrorless cameras but I think the low battery life would be quite frustrating. Also, the size of holding a bulkier DSLR feels more like you have a decent piece of kit in your hands. Tough choice really so wondered if anyone has any advice ? Is Mirrorless worth the switch for a Amateur photographer ?
  9. I am seriously considering buying a Canon 1.4 Extender. I'd really appreciate it if anyone can tell me if the MKIII is considerably better than the MKII? I can get a 2nd hand MKII for quite a bit cheaper t- but if there is a lot of noticeable difference, I'll go for the MKIII It will be used on L Series lenses, and I know It'll slow the lenses a bit, but assume if used in bright sunlight it won't affect quality too much? Thanks
  10. I'm curious if there is someone shooting and uploading raw footage files with Canon 550D and it's also satisfied with income. If you would like to say what is your monthly RPF (Return Per Footage) taking in consideration the last 6 months, that would help, not just me, alot. Thanks in advance, Rolly
  11. Hi all . I see so many topics asking for cameras, best cameras and more cameras. No one talk about lenses. So i decide to open this topic for people who identified themselves as being more old school photographers . Lets talk about lenses,vintage manual focus glass. We live in a digital world were technology is leading and solving many photography issues but i still love to shoot with manual focus lens. It give the felling of control my image, the lack of autofocus is , to me, one problem less, one less thing to think. The limitation of fixed prime lens let me think more in get the best composition with my focal distance , i love that concept. People are so stuck to auto focus ...... - So let me ask the community . How do you feel about shooting with a manual focus lens ? Please, show your exciting image/s doing with manual focus lens : One my favorites, the woman with plants and coffee was made with my Micro-Nikko 55mm f2,8 a $100 lens that i bought used and i love that glass. The weeding shoot was is from a Samyang 8mm fisheye , is not very sharp but produce real good images at f8 . PS: Even you don´t have any image made with a manual focus lens , feel free to comment and talk about this concept ( autofocus vs manual focus ) , ( Modern vs vintage glass on DSlr sensors ) experiences you have made, don´t matter. This is a post direct to old school vs modern photography lenses .
  12. Today I have been offered a Canon EOS 5D mark 2 for £500.00. I was looking to upgrade towards the end of the year to an EOS 6D. I am currently using the Canon EOS 50D which has seen better days. My question is would you buy the 5D now or wait a bit longer and go for the 6D. Just to add that the 5D is in mint condition with about 6,000 shots taken with it. Thank you in advance for your advice.
  13. I'm looking to buy a lens for some macro projects I'm planning to do but don't have millions of pounds to spend. Was looking into the Sigma 105mm f2.8 for Canon and see that it has mixed reviews ranging from "best ever" to "don't waste your money". Just wondered if anyone else uses/has used this lens for macro work and care to share your thoughts? Maybe there is a better lens suggestion that I haven't considered? Cheers guys, Jennie ☺
  14. I normally shoot at 23.98 (on 5D3) but now with extra options on 5d4, just wondering what frame rate I should choose so that its available to wide range of buyers Full HD - 1920x1080 59.94fps 29.97fps 23.98fps Also, there is an item called 24.00p which is by default disabled.. Should i just leave it as it is ?
  15. Hello everyone. I currently have the canon 18-55 mm lens. Which lens would be a suitable upgrade as far as having little or no chromatic aberration and distortion?
  16. Hello everyone! I’m new here and I want to introduce myself and ask for some orientation here in the forums because I don’t know where to start. First of all; English is my 3rd language, so I apologize for any possible grammatical mistakes, I’m trying my best. I worked as web designer and a bit as graphical designer, which was my first work in an office but sadly the company wherein I was worked for closed, so I spending my time making “artistic” abstract collages. I was interested in photography since my school days, so I started to do some amateurish photography to use those shots in my graphic works, but now I want to go more forward and… Well you know, try to get somewhere. Actually I tried to upload some nature photos here a year ago, but those photos were rejected due to poor quality and bad post processing, but I think I’m ready to try again with something different. I want to upload textures. Why textures? Well, most of graphic designers love to use textures right? I love to use them a lot. So, I want to upload my own textures here so other people can use them. I have a better camera now and I learned some things about texture photography. I’m using a Canon EOS Rebel T5 and I got some useful things to make an improvised studio with lights and other stuff, also I almost live in a mountain (In Costa Rica actually) so I have so many materials to work with; wood, bricks, broken walls, glass, rocks, etc. I really want to ask for a quality control to see if my setting is enough for SS, but for some reason I cannot upload any image to this post, so, where I can upload some images for a quality control and some critique? I’m a bit lost… Also I’m interested in Macro photography, so it’s ok if I ask for recommended cheap stuff in the Hardware & Gear forums? I mean, I can’t afford a 400$ macro lenses, but I can get some Wide Angle Lens w/ Macro Close Up for 30$... My actual (and only) lenses are the standard ones for my camera; EFS 18-55mm and macro 0.25/0.8ft, I’m happy with the quality (at least I think some textures look good at 200% zoom) but that’s not enough for a good macro shot. I mean, almost good. I know I need something else for a really good one. Well, I think that’s all about me and about what I want to do here; I’m really excited to start!
  17. I'm in the process of deciding on a new camera and I'm really struggling. I'm thinking of getting the 5d III but I also hear there is a 5d IV coming later this year. I've also been thinking of the 7d II mainly beacuse of speed and good low light focusing. I do mainly wildlife nowadays and I really apprecaite a good lowlight focusing system which I've been told the 7d has. On the other hand, the 5d handles low light/high iso much better in terms of noise, and so does the 6d.... I do realise I'm comparing a FF with a crop sensor, and I really love the quality of the 5d III...maybe I should suffer the wait for the 5d IV.... Any thoughts??
  18. I'm just curious if anyone uses the EOS M for filmmaking. Any tips?
  19. http://petapixel.com/2015/09/07/canon-unveils-a-monster-250-megapixel-sensor/
  20. I am looking for a friend I can discuss a few issues on the Mark lll. I got it second hand with no user manual. Also I am not so good in reading the online manual i down loaded and have some doubts. I am from Maldives and living here in India right now. I need to master all I can before I leave back to my home country Islands. Thank you so much, Hassan
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