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  1. I am looking to talk to anyone who has used a T2i for Stock Photography (any platform, SS, etc.) and/or is still using one right now (any platform, SS, etc.). I have many questions about using this older platform for stock. Feel free to include links to any resources or drop knowledge in the reply. I may upgrade in the future, but that will be a long time now due to the current economic situation. Also, if you don't own this system, is there a way to search the Shutterstock database to find users with that specific camera body? Thanks, Jason
  2. Would anyone guide as to which camera would be the best to have almost all the features required by the pictures or images being posted on the Shutterstock. A sincere guidance as to picking up the right camera would be highly appreciated, please. Thanking you,
  3. Hello everyone! Two weeks ago I bought a Sony a5100 with 16-50 lenses (Model SELP1650), but when I started filming I noticed shadows around the image. I researched forums about the problem, and saw that it could be an effect called 'vignette'. I shoot with the setting 1/80 F5.6 and ISO around 400 to 600 (with 3 lamps of 60w in a room of 3 meters by 3 meters) and I was recommended to set the camera to 1/60 F11 and a higher ISO (around 2000) I put this setting, but with the ISO increased, the image is very saturated. Is there any other solution to remove these shadows? The camera i
  4. Hello everyone! I am trying to move my portfolio into Video and i am looking for some video camera to shoot 4K videos. Any advise? Right now i own Nikon D610 but it doesn't have any video stabilizer. And i prefer to buy some video camera. Maybe have something in cost less than 1000 USD? Thank
  5. vintage camera close up , chrome and leather , selective focus on lens
  6. Hi i plan new camera buy and my idea canon mark iii or iv, but price too high i need low budget best camera. my amount 50,000 Indian Rupees. i need low budget best camera in stock videos and photos making camera please tell me your experience thanks. outdoor and indoor shoot. sorry for my poor English.
  7. Hi all, Merry Chrismas as the day approaches. I have been using Sony hvr z5u for all my wildlife and nature footages, which i do exclusively. I see the camera has been overtaken by events and i now need a 4k camera that is light, easy to carry around, but able to shoot quality footages for stock. i have done some reserches and things seem to point to mirrorless cameras. please help in determining which is the best, under 1300usd, which i have saved for such eventuality. is the sony alfa 6300 good enough? is anyone here using it? the question of overheating, that i read in a forum,
  8. Hi all guys, I am new into the SS contributors, I am learning. I had uploaded some camera and it's lenses images and rejected with "Image potentially infringes on another person's intellectual property rights (e.g., image contains artwork, writing, sheet music, or objects protected by copyright). I removed the logo of canon. But I can now understand all text also have copyrights of some fonts' of course. I want to know if I submit these types of images in editorial,it will be accepted or not?? or is it right to try some image rejected in commercial ,after that try to editorial next?? Thanks in
  9. Shooting RAW vs JPEG is a question that every photographer faces at some point. There are many articles out there that cover the topic from the basics of size and quality, to all of the advanced technical details regarding color bits per channel, compression, firmware DCT processing, etc. For me i go with RAW, what about you ?
  10. Hello there, My name is Antonio and I am from Romania. I opened this topic because I need some help for my work art. Well, I am here from 1 of September and i never sold any photo. Can you help me with advises, critique or something? I need to know whether to stop or to go ahead. Thank you, and good luck!
  11. Hi, i am very new to shutter-stock most of my submission are 3D Rendered image, i want to buy new camera for stock photography, i need a reasonable camera that must be suitable for quality images for shutter-stock but problem is that i cannot afford costly cameras because of some financial set backs but have little good amount to spent, please be kind to help me. your advice's will be highly appreciated. Thanks
  12. Hi everyone. My name is Max. I'm new photographer. Today I use my canon 70d for stock photo but i want to upgrate to full frame camera. Yeaterday I seen a secound hand camera It's Canon 5D classic 12mp.It's very cheap. How Do you think about it. It's ok form stock photo? And Do you think that high quality cameras affect the sales of images? Thank you.
  13. I only had my Canon xsi for a week before I had to return it because it was malfunctioning. It has been in transit for a week, should arrive back to seller tomorrow. Hubby suggested instead of letting them fix it and send it back, just get a refund and throw a little more money at a better one. Okkkkkaaaayyyy! So, I picked out a t5 with only 1880 shutter count. I am waiting very impatiently for it to ship (until the old one arrives and I can just pay the price difference). I have lenses just sitting there looking sad and bodiless. Hopefully, it will be here for the weekend, but I am guessing
  14. Has anyone ever use the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera before? Because I am thinking of getting one, when I looked at the quality of it seem's like a really good camera for video so I want to see your guy's thoughts on it. Here is the video link to it.
  15. I bought PENTAX 5-Ⅱ for field work of may subject Primates societely.
  16. Hello All, I am here on SS for last 10 months. initially 2 months I was active on SS later I stopped uploading pics on it. After 5 months I got 2 downloads then I again started uploading images on SS. Now I am having total 9 downloads which is very low count. I am just using point and shoot camera, is this the reason for low sales. is DSLR is mandatory to sell images or we can sell images with point & shoot camera and from mobile phone. I am not having confidence as of now to buy DSLR, waiting for the first payout. Please look at my portfolio and give your suggestions on th
  17. Hi, I had the unfortunate incident in the weekend when my D3300 was dropped and no longer works. As unhappy as I was at the time I realized how much I enjoyed shooting with it. Instead of looking to buy the same camera I am seeing this as an opportunity to upgrade.! I had only owned my cameras for a few months so still exploring. I had bought a couple of lenses (35mm Nikon prime, Tamron 70-300mm) so not spent any mass amount on them but my question is this, as I have been looking into upgraded version, either D5500 or D7100/D7200 second hand I am trying to keep the price under £1000
  18. I plan to buy new camera for only video. I would like to know i should keep Full HD or go for 4K camera. And what about market
  19. I have got a canon t6 ....With the kit lens .......Is it enough to get great stock photos and start selling?
  20. Today I have been offered a Canon EOS 5D mark 2 for £500.00. I was looking to upgrade towards the end of the year to an EOS 6D. I am currently using the Canon EOS 50D which has seen better days. My question is would you buy the 5D now or wait a bit longer and go for the 6D. Just to add that the 5D is in mint condition with about 6,000 shots taken with it. Thank you in advance for your advice.
  21. Is anyone using the Nikon D500 for 4k video? I have a few hours till the end of the day to decide to buy it with a convenient black Friday price. I want the D500 for 4k videos and yes, for it's high speed and all the great features. There are two thing I don't like at it: - the lack of internal flash, not the popup but the built-in remote flash commander. Btw. I never use flash but its comforting to know it is there. - the limited movement of the articulated screen which looks more like a nuisance comparing it to the flip out screen on my D5200 which also protects the screen when not in use.
  22. Want to improve technique. Welcome every comment
  23. If anyone wants to share their experience with 4K cameras and their preferences, I'd be interested to hear about it, as I am sure probably some others would be as well. What do you use to shoot 4K footage, and what do you like and not like about the camera? I have been looking at getting a JVC GY-HM170U. Does anyone here use it? https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1194106-REG/jvc_gy_hm170ua_4kcam_compact_professional.html
  24. Hi I'm not updated with the very last camera releases, but always for stock photography bring all the DSLR gear, Canon L USM heavy lenses and actually have a 40mm pancake for some kind of travels, specially bicycle long trips that I use to do at least once or twice a year. Is a pretty much heavier than what I would like to take with me, specially when bicycle long travels, actually bringing on the bike the Canon 5d-III with the pancake, plus charger, batteries... Is not a bulky gear but when biking for 2 weeks or more each pound of weight is becomes a bad story. I actually own a canon 550
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