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Found 18 results

  1. Italy is rich in monuments, constructions, statutes, squares, artifacts from many centuries ago, think of the Colosseum, the Mole Antoneliana, San Pietro, the Arena di Verona, Selesta, Selinunte, we could continue writing a book. These buildings date back to millennia ago, they are public works, a World Heritage Site ... and there are those who still insist on requesting their release. Doesn't that sound funny to you? obviously the images refer to the exteriors, certainly not to the works of art kept inside. In fact, the latter cannot be photographed.
  2. I submitted about #8 images of a building, one of which is shown. I did not provide specific information about the building or site and submitted them as commercial. I also submitted them as commercial to two other agencies. SS rejected them all on the basis that they needed a property release. Looking at SS's policy, there is a catch-all 'Modern Architecture', under which I presume they were rejected. (Although there seem to be many other pictures of modern buildings submitted as commercial already.) The building is in fact the OmniMax theatre, part of the Tijuana Cultural Centre in Mexico which does not appear to be specifically excluded. Following SS's rejection, I have been in contact with a senior editor for one of the other agencies. She seems happy for them to remain as commercial. As I am keen to avoid my first (and possibly only) big transaction in microstock to involve money going out of my bank account, I'd like to ask you guys with the experience what your opinion is. Is SS correct or just being over cautious? Should I change the license type to editorial on the other sites? How would you have submitted them? Thanks in advance of your help.
  3. From the album: Aris Abdullah

    Kindly critique the composition and my light post processing (using youtube Lightroom tutorial). Is the processing too much? Thanks in advance
  4. Window through a window of old building in Thailand that is framed

    © dean moriarty

  5. The American Flag does not fly alone. It is supported by the many windows of our society, holding it firmly in place.

    © DCurrin

  6. Overuse--Image has excessive noise reduction and/or excessive sharpening effects applied I admit I played with the exposure of the steel bars in front of the building, but I didn't over sharpened it. Any ideas why it hasn't been accepted ? Thanks Cedric


  7. From the album: China city view

    Forbidden City in Beijing
  8. This old concession stand is still standing from the 50's when it was used by the families of the Tennessee Copper Company.
  9. Danny D

    Old Mill

    This old mill is still in great shape and operates still today.
  10. One of my first attempts at long exposure photography. The boat with the sail was a happy mistake. It was originally out of frame but made its way in. I thought it ruined my shot but I have come to like it. Please let me know what could have been done better.

    © M.Brennan

  11. Another first for me, night photography.

    © M.Brennan

  12. Dhermendra Tiwari

    DSC 1182

    From the album: New

    © RF

  13. A digital constructed watercolour image using PS brushes and filters (coloured pencil, cutout and watercolour)
  14. Not sure whether its allowed to laid the original b&w photo behind the new line drawing
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