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Found 12 results

  1. Recently I had some issues with Shutterstock and submitted a complain/report through the contact us menu. After giving all details, the page indicates that an email will be send to deal with my complain. Shortly, I got an email which indicate a "Kathryn" which is a fellow contributor will answer my complain!!!!! A FELLOW CONTRIBUTOR to answer a problem relating to Shutterstock technical issues???? Wow! Didn't know that Shutterstock have gone 100% crowdsourcing their own complain department. Really? Complaints are now dealt with by fellow contributors!! Wonder whether they would crowdsource their CEO, CFO or even their entire staffs! AND THE BEST PART IS the link to the reply don't even work. It just direct me back to the Shutterstock Support page with FAQ! @AlexShutterstock
  2. Hi all, I was uploading my vectors with its corresponding jpgs. The system said I uploaded the vectors but did not upload the jpgs. Is it a bug?
  3. 1. I think, any contributor has images with 0 downloads. And they were shown on the old Image Gallery Stats page. However, now they have disappeared from the new Top Performers page. Why? Please return them, I want to see them and understand their quantity. 2. The new Top Performers page can be sorted now only by Total Earnings. SS, please, make Total Downloads and Date Uploaded sorting too!
  4. Ever since Shutterstock went public it appears that the decisions being made by management have been extremely poor to say the very least. While the list goes on and on (most of which have been already discussed at great length in this forum) the one which I think has most adversely affected the buyers experience, not to mention our sales, is Shutterstock's use of "Image Recognition Technology" (rather than Keywords to provide SIMILAR images). As an example: I chose one of my images of a Colony of Sea Lions, clicked on "similar". What came up as similar was amazing. Admittedly, there were five or six Sea Lion photos but the rest (one whole page) included the following, mushrooms, graveyard, sparrows, butterflies, army sniper, garlic, donkey, deer, pigeons, iguana, dead fish, seashells, palm tree, wildebeest, cranes, meerkats, baby chickens, horned viper, and penguins, among others. 2nd example: My photo was of a Chainsaw Sculptor Working on His Creation. The "similar" photos did not include any chainsaws or sculptors but had a whole page of photos which included the following; horses, elephants, eagles, roosters, dogs, camels, sea bass, cowgirl, gorillas, hippos, monkeys, nativity scene, pigs, statue of the Archangel Michael, and other unrelated photos. If I were a buyer and wanted to find a similar images to one I had found using key words I would think idiots were running the show. I know they thought this was going to be an improvement but IT'S NOT.WHAT"S YOUR "FAVORITE" DUMB DECISION?
  5. " I have a dream " - Martin Luther King . As SS contributor I have a dream too. A dream that just one ...ONE DAY everything work as it should on this site. No upload problems....no bugs... no issues....no hickups.....no need to work same thing several times just becouse "tech team" is not capable to fix this site. I have a dream that SS works fine just like all other agencies sites.....just like theirs...no more ....no less...... " I HAVE A DREAM "
  6. As someone has mentioned in another post... a LOT of footage previews are not loading up.. when you hover over, all you get are black screens, some load up after awhile, but most not at all... this can't be good.. what buyer is going to wait for a clip to load only for it to never load..or just be a black screen. This is all over the buyers site as well, plenty of clips just not able to be viewed no matter how long you wait for them to load up.. PLEASE look into this.. I have spoken to other contributors... both in australia and UK.. all experiencing the same thing and all said the same words "thought it was just the computer playing up"... that can't be coincidence... See screenshot for exactly what happens.. Thanks
  7. This could be old news for some of you but I am glad to see that keyword phrases are not broken up any more upon upload. I noticed it some time ago but I had no courage to jubilate until I saw it happen again. I hope this is a permanent fix.
  8. Latest downloads don't show up on the map, portfolio orders are mess, portfolio views fallen to zero, no links to social media or websites, sales are rapidly dropping... if it isn't a bug, please don't make changes like this in the future, this is how updates and site "improvements" affect contributors.
  9. Hi everyone! I'm quite new to Shutterstock.com today and yesterday I uploaded some photos to keep my portfolio updated. and yes! I've got and email today which tells me that my photos have been approved to publish but the problem is... all those recent approved photos don't show in the catalog manager at all. From my experience, the approved photos is automatically show in the Catalog Manager once I got an email from Shutterstock. Is that a bus or something goes wrong? or I have to wait at least for a day?
  10. Many of the critique and contributor galleries contain photos without a thumbnail--just an X--and will not open. Has happened for about 2 weeks.
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