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Found 32 results

  1. coming from the sea
  2. Hallo! I'm trying to upload my very first video and it seems that no metadata survives after the FTP upload. Am I doing something the wrong way? Adobe Bridge was used to keyword, add title, captions and so on to the MOV file. When the file appeared in the "not yet submitted" queue I went to submit it and all of my metadata disappeared so I had to copy/paste them from the files to the indexing section. I also noticed that in the "Approval Status: videos" > approved footage clips, I can find the approved clip, but if I click for details I see "Released: N" but I know that clip was model-released. Is there something I have to know? :-)
  3. Anybody else experiencing this problem? As best I can tell, no images approved after December 15, 2016 have made the transition to my Bigstock portfolio. There have, in the past, been slight delays in them crossing over -but never this long. If this is a known issue and it eventually gets resolved what about the missed images? Will they then be ported over or should I be uploading them direct to Bigstock? Obviously, I do not want to create duplicates. On another issue, the ability to Tweet links to my photo sets is also not working. What gets Tweeted is simply "just shared a set@shutterstock" with no link to the actual set. Again, are others having the same problem? Thanks in advance for any responses.
  4. From the album: Aris Abdullah

    Do you find the branches in the foreground acceptable? Kindly critique the image. Thanks in advance
  5. Luke____s


    Bridge stretching across an empty sky.
  6. Bridge during sunset in Brasilia, Brazil.

    © Joe Espindola

  7. From the album: Nature Northern of Thailand

    Doi Tung View of Pond and Little Bridge
  8. https://www.shutterstock.com/cs/pic-542145259/stock-photo-salford-quays-millennium-lift-bridge-inside-view-at-night-manchester.html?src=-GGjtWJGNSzoYblnfntgLw-1-23

    © Diego Shruberry

  9. Newbie moving slowing into the world of stock images. I would appreciate any feedback! I snapped this in Cologne during a Rhine boat tour. I liked the contrast of the metal stick figure against the church in the background
  10. JayHarris

    IMG 4710

    Wood walkway across a dry riverbed at Roadhouse Camp in Namibia

    © Jason Harris

  11. Same shot but this time in colour and minor adjustments to the colour saturation
  12. My attempt at a black and white shoot, please let me know what you guys think regarding the contrast and if you thing there is too much grain and noise!
  13. How is this?

    © Shane St Louis

  14. bmicsmith

    20160221 140454

    From the album: Australia and New Zealand 2016

    view from a surrounding hill of Sydney harbor

    © 2016 Bruce Michael Smith

  15. bmicsmith

    20160221 140555

    From the album: Australia and New Zealand 2016

    view from surrounding hill of Sydney harbor looking down a street, vertical format

    © 2016 Bruce Michael Smith

  16. bmicsmith

    20160221 140546

    From the album: Australia and New Zealand 2016

    view from a surrounding hill of Sydney harbor looking down a street

    © 2016 Bruce MichaelSmith

  17. From the album: Weiser Choice Photography

    © Frank J. Weiser IV: Weiser Choice Photography

  18. Bridge over bell river nsw Australia in the countryside
  19. Old Steel Bridge that crosses from McCaysville, Ga into Copperhill, Tennessee. Old and still here.
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