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Found 6 results

  1. I am looking to talk to anyone who has used a T2i for Stock Photography (any platform, SS, etc.) and/or is still using one right now (any platform, SS, etc.). I have many questions about using this older platform for stock. Feel free to include links to any resources or drop knowledge in the reply. I may upgrade in the future, but that will be a long time now due to the current economic situation. Also, if you don't own this system, is there a way to search the Shutterstock database to find users with that specific camera body? Thanks, Jason
  2. Hi Everyone, I'm new to Shutterstock and have uploaded my first few images. I currently shoot on a Canon 100D/ SL1 and Tamron Lens. I want to lean on your experience and ask if I should upgrade Lens, I'm looking at Canon L series Lens 70-200mm f4 as I mainly shoot landscapes, would using this lens on a 100D be wasted? Or do I need to upgrade to Full Frame first? Thanks to Everyone in Advanced
  3. Vector image of ancient macedonian or spartan warriors
  4. I'm in the process of deciding on a new camera and I'm really struggling. I'm thinking of getting the 5d III but I also hear there is a 5d IV coming later this year. I've also been thinking of the 7d II mainly beacuse of speed and good low light focusing. I do mainly wildlife nowadays and I really apprecaite a good lowlight focusing system which I've been told the 7d has. On the other hand, the 5d handles low light/high iso much better in terms of noise, and so does the 6d.... I do realise I'm comparing a FF with a crop sensor, and I really love the quality of the 5d III...maybe I should suffer the wait for the 5d IV.... Any thoughts??
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