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Found 43 results

  1. From the album: Prints

  2. Hi, Having read a series of books on stock photography, I came across the frequently expressed idea, that your best selling photograph is often one, you yourself, regarded as the plainest, or least expected to sell. This was certainly the case with my best selling photograph, on Shutterstock. I was very cynical about even trying to recycle food waste in a compostable food bag, let alone take and publish a photograph of it. After finally being persuaded by my wife to donate one of my compost bins to the cause, I almost took the photograph to prove the justified reasons for my reluctance. How wrong I was. The bag is no longer with us. Ashes to ashes, compost bag to compost. All that said, the photograph is still selling steadily, 10 months later. Not a load of rubbish after all. Have any of you similar stories to share and tell? I'd love to hear from you as a beginner stock photographer, who wants to become an intermediate in the very near future. Best wishes, Peter Shaw https://www.shutterstock.com/imaghttps://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/this-initiative-avoids-plastic-being-used-1469706467e-photo/this-initiative-avoids-plastic-being-used-1469706467
  3. beautiful blue pansy ( junonia orithya) butterfly.
  4. beautiful spangle ( papilio protenor ) butterfly.
  5. beautiful common mormon female(papilio polytes) butterfly.
  6. beautiful spangle ( papilio protenor) butterfly .
  7. beautiful blue admiral (kaniska cancace) butterfly .
  8. beautiful Himalayan bulbul (pycnonotus leucogenys)bird.
  9. Hi all guys, I am new into the SS contributors, I am learning. I had uploaded some camera and it's lenses images and rejected with "Image potentially infringes on another person's intellectual property rights (e.g., image contains artwork, writing, sheet music, or objects protected by copyright). I removed the logo of canon. But I can now understand all text also have copyrights of some fonts' of course. I want to know if I submit these types of images in editorial,it will be accepted or not?? or is it right to try some image rejected in commercial ,after that try to editorial next?? Thanks in advance everyone.
  10. From the album: Back to work: Two models hoping for approval

    Elderly lady holds a Bible so dear to her

    © João Luiz Lima

  11. A shot of a horse lying on sand (hmmm..?? I hope its the correct description)
  12. 7h30


    From the album: what do you think about this photos?

    © theo salles

  13. FMPhotos


    From the album: Kittens & Cats

    This uniquely beautiful kitty loves playing with all the yarn she can.

    © Faleshia Mary Photography

  14. When submitting a photo like this, showing city/townscapes, do all identifiable markings on the buildings need to be removed? Thank you
  15. joanna sobon


    From the album: Spain

  16. Trying my hand at isolation. Thought black would be more dramatic than white. Any critique would be much appreciated.

    © Gmgadani

  17. Gmgadani

    Bengal tiger

    Bengal tiger! Something different to lizard.

    © Gmgadani

  18. Faraz Khan


    Glasses with Elegancy And Style!
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