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Found 43 results

  1. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/london-airplane-building-784571560
  2. As a new member of this community, I wonder how popular black and white photos can be. I love the artistic effect it gives an image but I really wonder how many black and white photos people actually sell on SS. So I'm going to start with this photo that I just sold today (uploaded a week ago).
  3. A vacant bench on a seafront promenade with unique serpent style metalwork.

    © SJA

  4. I'm trying to exercise my urban shooting game. This caught my eye.
  5. I'm not sure whether black and white photos are for micro stock, in general for the stock market. I'm interested in the opinion for the first two vertical b&w photos in this gallery: https://www.rasicaphoto.com/-/galleries/portfolio/cityscape
  6. Hello, I have a quick question: Can an editorial picture be in black and white? If the scene has not been interfered with by editing things in or out but just desaturated? The reason I ask is that I am preparing my next batch for upload and I have some pictures of downtown Graz, Austria that would look nice in black and white. For example: Do you think it and others like it will get accepted as editorial? Thanks! Emil
  7. I've got Fashionable Vintage photos of my relative, do I need a model release from her to post this photos of her young days iat the disco style of 60s, 70s ? Or this kind of photos are not commercial and are used only for Rd? Ok, so do I need a model release from her if they were made by her in 1965 + year? P.S. Tried to search, but "Vintage" tag is always in a something like "Show your latest photo " topic
  8. I've been doing photography for 2 and a half years now and haven't been on this site in a while, How is my photos by now?
  9. From the album: Aris Abdullah

    Kindly comment on the techniques (composition/lighting etc)and sharpness of the street photography image
  10. Perspective shot of tall trees in Sa'dabad Complex park, Teheran, Iran
  11. Stylized spoof of a cross between a piranha and a shark created in Inkscape. Would it sell?

    © 2016

  12. Was wondering if this kind of pictues, due to a RAW processing, and subsequent few adjustments on Photoshop, is related as publishable by the Shutterstock's critic system. Since I had my first 3 rebutted with "excessive noise correction/clarity effect" or "soft focus" issues, I was wondering if maybe the excessive editing (even if it's relatively limited) is compromising what could be, I believe, decent shot. Thank you for spending your time helping, hopefully, a fellow contributor to this community!

    © Creative Commons

  13. Mining for white marble - a picture in black and white

    © DCurrin

  14. After looking at certain techniques for coloring photos, I wonder if there is way to bring out the colors NATURALLY: based on this video here they use the color tones to the blacks to bring out the color COMPARED to other methods where selected areas of the photos ARE COLORED. It looks dull and FAKE. The skin of the subject is just one tone. There is more to this picture compared to a REAL color photo.
  15. From the album: black and white

    girl , covered face.

    © ramsha

  16. OK, lets begin with the fact that I'm new to this and on a bit of a learning curve. I've had most of what I send accepted which is gratifying. I work in the main in black and white and my work is cartoons for the most part. However, like many artists, I like to ring the changes now and again and have recently posted a number of drawings that are more like silkscreen prints. These are landscapes. However back to the cartoon stuff, which is what I'm most at home with, the other stuff being experimental. I usually draw the pieces by hand and then scan them at high res for sending and editing. With the digital files I can them mess with them in any number of ways, including adding colour if I want to. The submission process is a bit long winded at the best of times but does anyone think it worth submitting various versions of the same drawing. I don't want to waste my own time or that of those clever submission editors there at shutter stock. Also, is it worth doing several colour versions? Or again am i wasting my time and that of others. Last question: does anyone know if there's an optimum number of drawings that one should submit. I have 70 pieces on the site so far. Earnings from them have been very slow! Does one need volume before it becomes remotely worthwhile ( though I have to say it's always worthwhile having one's work out there, even if no one's taking the worm off the hook ) I'd love to hear from any of you folks out there. Thanks in advance
  17. 1.Editorial Caption--Image requires proper caption and must be tagged as editorial 2.Poor Lighting--Image has exposure issues, unfavorable lighting conditions, and/or incorrect white balance. Focus--Subject is blurry, too soft, or out of focus when viewed at full resolution. First it came back negative because of editorial content, I corrected that problem and submitted it again. I thought it would then be accepted, but not.. Because of the second reason above. Thanks for your comments ! Cedric


  18. From the album: Geneva by night

    Poor lighting-image has exposure issues. unfavorable lighting condittions and/or incorrect white balance. I've edited this pic in a cream tone black and white style. Thanks for your comments, I need to improve my accepted files ratio :-)

    © cedric gelissen

  19. I'm new to shutter stock and would welcome some help here and there. Here are my questions: How to people search for me on the shutter stock site. My user name or my real name? A colleague could not find me at all the other day, but I am definitely there! Should I use Facebook and other social media to promote. I'm wary? I draw not only cartoons but have been known to do a range of styles, some of my latest landscapes come in several editions of the same line work. Should I submit all of the versions as well as the line work? Should I submit black and white vectored illustrator files of the work so that people can choose to colour them up themselves? I'm scanning artwork which is usually, no larger than A4 at 1200dpi and sending large files via fazilla ftp which works well. Is this too big? It does make huge files. How many drawings do artists submit, it would seem to me that one has to submit and have selected a huge number to get any chance of earning any reward. How long to my drawings stay on Shutterstock? Do they stay there forever or are they 'culled' in due course. I'd welcome some guidance from anyone out there with more experience of this than me, which is most of you. To see what I do feel free to drop into my regular website http://www.pauldaviescartoons.co.uk Or to view my incessant ramblings then swing by to http://www.pauldaviescartoons.com If you have been, thanks for listening.
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